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Brothers and sisters it is Gameday!

Today marks the middle the 2020 season (at half time anyway) - now that bowl games have their own "season" now. That we have been able to get to this point is quite an accomplishment given the unusual circumstances we have been living with this year. While last Saturday was . . . well . . . - it could be worse; if you followed a B1G team you have been without what is normally taken for granted; Gameday at this time of the year until now - and a those poor PAC12 fans still have two weeks before getting to see their teams play. Football season goes by so quickly - I cannot even imagine what it must be like to be a fan of a team that has not played yet this year or one where there are still empty Fall weekends without a game to get excited about. We all owe the student athletes and coaches with the team a big thank you for taking their health precautions seriously, without their efforts we would not be able to have any football and life would have been a little less satisfying this Fall.

Every day is a great day to be a Yellow Jacket, and Gameday is even better!

Today the Brave and Bold have gone on the road to New England, taking on Boston College. In today's drinking game the mention of GT & BC being the only two FBS schools without "university" or "academy" in their name requires a round of whiskey, clear for all assembled. It's Gameday.

Get up and get your gold on. Get your chores done. We have a mid afternoon start so there is no rush. The weather at your house - or where ever you favorite big screen is - is going to be perfect. The seats roomy and comfortable. Refreshments plentiful and there will be no lines. Around 3:30 cue up some GT Marching Band videos on YouTube. The elusive ACCN has this game so it may be a little harder to find, but do what you must. Get ready because it is Gameday!

May all the players, coaches and support staff stay safe and healthy.

Toe meets leather at 4 PM.




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Helluva Engineer
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Life is too short to analyze crappy stats. I learned that years ago ......

But we are going to attempt and make all our EPs and FGs today! (Just drank a bottle of CBD oil.)
I only got 1 case of beer ( need to cut back) but after reading about the EP's and FG's I need to run to the store and get some glue in case the beer don't do it.