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Game Thread - Nebraska, 12/4/2019

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Basketball' started by dtm1997, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. dtm1997

    dtm1997 Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    We should be the better team here, but with our current level of overall effort, this will be like looking in a mirror.

    We've got to show more desire to take it.
  2. tsrich

    tsrich Helluva Engineer

    Nebraska @ Omaha beat bethune cookman 90-61. I think that almost means something about our game
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  3. connell62

    connell62 Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    You’re absolutely right, we have to show better effort than we did tonight. BC wanted it more than we did, and they almost willed themselves to victory. UGA also out-hustled us and that is a big part for why they dominated most of the game.

    I know I’m beating a dead horse, but I’m afraid that until we get Jose back, our offense is stuck in neutral. We’ve got no one (other than Devoe) that is capable of getting into the lane and finishing, and no one else seems capable of knocking down set 3’s.
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  4. seedjckt

    seedjckt Jolly Good Fellow

    When is Jose expected back????
  5. dtm1997

    dtm1997 Helluva Engineer Featured Member

  6. GTbball2016

    GTbball2016 Helluva Engineer

    Parham just seems to be out there, being a player he isn’t. Wish they would just turn him loose, as we need another perimeter shooter besides Mike.
  7. connell62

    connell62 Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    Bubba will be much better when he can just worry about scoring. When he’s playing off the ball and can setup and shoot off someone kicking it out to him, I think we see a different player.
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  8. Peacone36

    Peacone36 ACCBasketballReport.com Contributing Writer

    I wish Khalid had a little more swagger. He has tremendous upside IMHO. He just seems to lack that killer instinct. Did can that baseline jumper tonight though.

    we have the two best players in this game in Banks and Devoe, Nebraska stinks so this should be a win. We still have opportunities to pick up resume building wins but this game unfortunately won’t be one of them. We need a better effort than we rcvd tonight or we may get embarrassed on our home court.
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  9. CLM

    CLM Ramblin' Wreck

    I wonder from an effort standpoint how much the guys are thinking about the postseason band, if upheld.

    The setup and shots from the free throw line look to have good mechanics but just need the guys to have more confidence.
  10. gte447f

    gte447f Helluva Engineer

    Several folks have said it and are absolutely right, we need to see intensity and focus right from the tip-off in this next game.

    Everyone knows we are missing Jose. He is a good guard and he seems to make this team go. However, I don't think it is necessarily his basketball skills that we miss the most from him. It is his killer instinct. The rest of this team is still lacking that, although Devoe is getting there too.

    Bubba's reputation is as a 3 point shooter, but he also has a beautiful mid-range, pull-up jump shot off the dribble. Despite his small size, he get's plenty of separation off of his quickness and impressive vertical jump. I would like to see him let that fly more.

    Weak side defense has got to do better job of covering Banks' backside when he rotates over to block shots so we don't give up easy offensive rebounds and put backs like we did against Bethune. Pastner talked about it post game.
  11. GTHomer

    GTHomer Helluva Engineer

    I had to highlight this point. Someone has got to drop down when Banks gives help. I believe on the last basket by Pope, I saw Devoe looking as he probably should have been that person.

    Give BC credit, their dribble drives cause a LOT of problems last night. They keep finding creases and beating out guys putting pressure on our defenders down low to make a decision. I hope adjustments are made.
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  12. Fatmike91

    Fatmike91 Helluva Engineer

    I think it's really about defense. We need to get some steals and run the floor. Our offense isn't ready to play in the half court the whole game.

  13. glandon1960

    glandon1960 Ramblin' Wreck

    What I kept seeing first half was BC guard beating Devoe/Parham off dribble and getting into paint which caused problems. Second half, Moore guarded their point and for most part kept him out of paint and made others try to get past the first line of defense. When they did - Banks did great job helping to block or alter shots - however - the weak side rotations were not there (primarily guards since Moore was kept farther out because of who he was covering) which left the big (#10) free for weak side rebounds and put easy backs.

    BC was better team than most we see from MEAC/SWAC - would not be surprised if they win their league. Guards/team crashing down when Banks goes for blocks needs to improve, as does FT shooting.
    I like chances against Nebraska as the little I watched them one night did not impress me that they will give us match-up problems.
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  14. BleedingGold

    BleedingGold Helluva Engineer

    Their schedule has been weak so far, bu they do seem to have a lot of capable scorers. Four guys averaging double digits. Another just below at 9.4 ppg
  15. Fatmike91

    Fatmike91 Helluva Engineer


    NC State ACC 5-2 32 340 154
    Arkansas SEC 7-0 38 311 16

    Nebraska Big Ten 4-3 132 318 188 (13th out of 14 in big ten)
    Georgia TechACC 3-2 83 78 106 (12th of 15 in the ACC)

    If you win these early season games you end up with a BPI in the 30's.

  16. dtm1997

    dtm1997 Helluva Engineer Featured Member

  17. MiracleWhips

    MiracleWhips Ramblin' Wreck

    Keys to winning tonight ?
  18. MidtownJacket

    MidtownJacket Helluva Engineer

    1) Find a way to avoid the turnover bug while JA sits
    2) Get Banks and Cole going down low
    3) Remind my man #5 to stop shooting 15 foot or longer jumpshots
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  19. lv20gt

    lv20gt Helluva Engineer

    Score more points than the other team.

    Less on the nose, Nebraska seems like a very guard oriented team. They have a couple of 6-8 freshman that play a decent bit and a 6-8 senior who looks to be more of a wing that plays a good bit as well, but overall they seem like a very team rebounding oriented team. I expect them to try and do the same thing Arkansas did with trying to deny Banks and Moses good touches on the inside and force us to try to beat them with our guard play. It doesn't look like their guards are as good as Arkansas' though, at least offensively.
  20. Gold1

    Gold1 Helluva Engineer

    A must win tonight
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