FSU Sets Up NIL Program


Helluva Engineer
This is working with "FSU’s Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship, the nation’s first stand-alone entrepreneurship college at a public university, FSU’s nationally renowned College of Business, and the Academic Center for Excellence, which will offer two for-credit academic courses that each include instruction on NIL-related topics."

They are making this into an "educational course".
This is FSUs way to basically make the academic portion of being a student athlete non existent. You will soon see the majority of kids "majoring" in entrepreneurship which more than likely will be some social media courses, a little business admin, some money management and to show up to practice.


Milwaukee, WI
It’s gonna be a cluster. Wait til Adidas throws a lot of money at Clemson or Bama’s qb which is a Nike school. And Pepsi signs a kid whose school is Coca Cola. Taxes in Texas will be significantly different for student athletes compared to UCLA or Minnesota. And there will be sob stories about these SA’s going bankrupt or owing fortunes to the IRS (which would be their own fault but it’s gonna happen...book it).
Bring on the madness!