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Former Tech tennis star Chris Eubanks

Discussion in 'Other Georgia Tech Sports' started by 1939hotmagic, May 15, 2018.

  1. 1939hotmagic

    1939hotmagic Helluva Engineer

    is noted on the Tennis Channel's "10 to Watch" in 2018, after having left Tech a year early to go pro in 2017 . . .


    Most of his first year as a pro has been on the ITF Futures tour (akin to A and AA minor league baseball) and more recently the Challenger Tour (akin to AAA minor league); he began 2018 ranked 347 among pro tennis players, now he's up to 184. Last month he won his first Challenger-level tournament. Solid progress in his first year as a pro, but a tough slog ahead to being a regular on the ATP tour and participating in the major tournaments. The raw talent is there.
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  2. Jacketman1

    Jacketman1 Helluva Engineer

    Eubanks has a lot of promise. Serve and forehand are there. He has a very powerful game, which is great. Just needs to be a tad more consistent on both wings, but especially his backhand. If his backhand gets to the level of his forehand, he can be top 60 easily.
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