Football Questions from Today's Game


Georgia Tech Fan
I have few questions from our play today, watching live and not having coach level football knowledge I would like to get your opinions.

1) On punt returns, we seemed to be playing for returns, yet they always had 3 guys on our returner forcing a fair catch. Was this our line not blocking anyone up front off the snap or just high/short punts? Seemed like we were not trying to block the kick and just not blocking guys.

2) On several long pass plays today it appeared we only rushed 4, but still had man to man coverage 30+ yards downfield. Where is the safety help over the top?

3) On the long touchdown runs, I could see our LB's taking bad angles, but where were our safeties? Was it the same thing that happened vs. Wofford on the long run where they took themselves out of position?

While our offense was great today GSU had more big plays than we did with long TD's virtually untouched.