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Football Practices

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Rodney Kent, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. Rodney Kent

    Rodney Kent Ramblin' Wreck

    Pittsburg has determined to delete the intrasquad games after the end of Spring Football Practice. There have also been efforts to eliminate fans at football practices. I understand part of the reasons, but I also know that fans must be enthused in order to buy tickets. Personally, I think it is a mistake by the coaches to limit fan attendance at practices. The attendance by fans, local high school attendees, and maybe even young teens would build a base for enthusiasm among those attendees enticing them to attend the games during the season.

    In fact, local High School players and young teens may become attached to the school by this attendance. I did not attend GT. The truth of the matter is that I could just as well have become a UGA fan except for the fact that I started following the Tech games when Bobby Dodd became coach. Had it not been for that, I could have just as easily become a fan of another school. In fact, my second team at one time was Alabama because I liked the coaching of Bear Bryant.

    Why would a coach want to dampen enthusiasm by eliminating attendance during practices? Yes, he might not want someone to spy on his plays, but he might be paying a bigger price by limiting the enthusiasm. There could be some criteria and check-in requirements, but overall it would build enthusiasm.
  2. danny daniel

    danny daniel Helluva Engineer

  3. danny daniel

    danny daniel Helluva Engineer

    What is the opportunity (Coach Johnson's policy/rules) for GT fan/alumni to observe practices?
  4. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    Practices are closed to the public...at least one scrimmage (for season ticket holders) and the Spring game are open.
  5. Techster

    Techster Helluva Engineer

    I believe High School recruits and coaches who wish to attend practice are allowed to as long as they notify the staff. I've read many articles of recruits stopping by to check out practice with their coach or parents. Also, I know CPJ and his staff are big into sharing their knowledge or helping out local coaches. Of course, you're stroking a huge check to the AA, and the football program I don't think CPJ minds if you check out a practice or two.

    It's just the regular schmucks like us that don't get entrance.
  6. GTNavyNuke

    GTNavyNuke Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    No reason to be friendly with the public, might make them like the program more. We are the elite at GT.

    We might give away some game day secrets that we don't give away in the first three scrimmages we play next year (Woffard, Tulane, GSU).

    Asinine that the public can't attend.

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