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Football and health

Discussion in 'College & Pro Sports' started by TooTall, Feb 14, 2020 at 11:50 AM.

  1. TooTall

    TooTall Helluva Engineer


    I'm not certain, but I think this makes the 4th or 5th kid that CGC has coached that has passed away since he has been here. (not blaming him in any way shape or form). I can't imagine the mental anguish he has been through. I hope he is utilizing the same mental health folks that are available to the players.

    It is crazy the number of young men who played football in the past decade have passed so young. Was it always this way and because of the multiple ways of getting news, we are just hearing of it more often, or is this a new phenomenon??
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  2. jgtengineer

    jgtengineer Helluva Engineer

    Combination i think. I think before you wouldn't hear about it as much because if it didn't make the 5 o clock news or the 11 o clock it missed the cycle. And also I do think we've got a bit of a problem of celebrity going on that didnt' exist. Think about it now if you are even a 3 star player with interest from any big school you have to maintain a twitter, maintain an instagram, watch every single thing you say and do and if you **** up as a young adult it can haunt you the rest of your life. That is a tremendous amount of pressure on people simply playing a game. Add in toxic families seeking to ride coattails its a recipe for disaster.

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