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Flexbone Offense Playbook Online

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by AE 87, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer

    A Coach Compton has posted a playbook online:
    Link to Website
    Direct Link to DocX

    The numbers 10/11 for midline and 12/13 for inside veer match CPJ's 1996 playbook. It may not have everything we run, but it seems to be a pretty good take on a good number of our plays and convenient.

    For those wanting to diagnose plays, this may be a helpful resource.
  2. Nook Su Kow

    Nook Su Kow Helluva Engineer

  3. Stinger90

    Stinger90 Helluva Engineer

  4. zhavenor

    zhavenor Helluva Engineer

    If you are looking for basically what and why things are going on check out this web site. It gives you a good overview. http://flexboneassociationacademy.com/ Just a warning, its is kinda an advertisement for getting coaches to hire them to come out and hold camps for there teams but the information is good.
  5. Ibeeballin

    Ibeeballin GT Athlete

    Now you guys under what CPJ means when he says there is no defense he hasn't seen. Also, why he can adjust on the fly to anything thrown at him
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  6. takethepoints

    takethepoints Helluva Engineer

    Yes, and also why he doesn't really care if this stuff is out there. Figuring out which play we're going to run in a particular situation is easy. Figuring out how it's going to look in different formations and how we are going to block for it is very, very, very hard.

    I might add that that's why I love to watch the O so much. For an old OL it's like watching a big, fast-moving jigsaw puzzle.
  7. ATL1

    ATL1 Helluva Engineer

    @Ibeeballin this makes me cringe "
    Passing Game: The priority on the option and the run can sometimes lead to a lackluster passing game. Additionally, finding a QB who is smart, athletic, and is an effective thrower can be a challenge. However, the flexibility does allowto get into virtually any spread passing look and a explosive passing game is possible. "

    For I've mostly seen the later and not the former with the exception of BeBe jump catching.

    Also this:
    "Digging Out of A Hole: The Flexbone is a ball control offense that controls the clock and thrives on the big play. The ball control aspect can make digging out of a hole a challenge especially when time is of the essence. It is important to rep two minute drill, the pass, and the scheme game often to prepare for situations in which we have to dig out of a hole."

    How much of what appears to be for me our inability to develop a decent passing game due to limited amount of time practicing or is it just a flaw within the scheme itself?

    You played against the offense and I assume are a proponent of the scheme. I guess first;
    1. Do you see flaws in the offense in our ability to pass?
    2. What are the reasons for the lackluster passing game.?
    3. What in your opinion can be done to fix and create a more dynamic passing attack?
  8. zhavenor

    zhavenor Helluva Engineer

    I know you are asking to Ibeeballin but I think I'll respond. Did you get those quotes from the website that I provided? That website is designed for high school football and coaches there off. It is speaking to sizes of schools not only 2-3 thousand high school kids in it but also to schools with 200 high school kids in it that run the offense.

    For number 1 there are advantages and disadvantages, flaws, in every offense. Do you see the disadvantages in a pro style offense without the threat of a qb that could run the option, ie the defense can run zone blitz and other far more complicated pass defenses without the threat of option making the Qb reads harder as well as tighter windows to pass in? Do you see the Disadvantages in running the zone read out of the Shot gun as opposed to option under the center?

    For two and three what are your definitions of lackluster and dynamic? If you are thinking an offense needs to pass over 60% over a season to be dynamic and non lackluster in the passing game then no this offense will probably never be that at this level. 50% and about 10 ypa is doable, and has been done here. We have also been pretty high on the pass efficiency ranking and YPA most years since CPJ has been here.

    Finally you have pointed in the past to the high level of pass completion percentage by various other offenses but neglect the fact that those other offense need to pass at that level of completion % just to function. In Mike Leach's offense or even Urban Meyer's offense you need to pass in the mid to high 60s% to do anything.
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  9. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer

    To be clear, you're quoting from the playbook I posted not CPJs, and so those comments may or may not reflect his attitude.

    @zhavenor preempted the rest of what I was going to say.
  10. Josh H

    Josh H Helluva Engineer

    I *really* hope no one minds the thread necro. If that's a big no no here, let me know. But I have a few questions about the two playbooks (the PJ GSU playbook and the flexbone playbook above).

    Paul Johnson has traditionally based the passing game in his offense around Run and Shoot concepts: http://smartfootball.blogspot.com/2008/12/paul-johnsons-flexbone-meets-run-and.html

    The Switch concept in particular works very well with the type of blocking done on option plays, and is normally ran out of our base look from play action. However, other concepts (Go) require A-back motion to get into trips. It seems like a dead giveaway that Tech is going to pass the ball. I'm curious to what Tech's pass/run ratio is when motioning an A-back straight across the formation (as opposed to orbit motion). That seems like something the defense can key on.

    Additionally, one of the tenants of the Run and Shoot is that the receivers and QB read the coverage on the fly and modify their routes based on the defense. Traditionally, the Run and Shoot requires a lot of practice time and repetition to get right.

    In contrast, the flexbone playbook above has a few R&S concepts out of the play action passes (switch in particular), but also includes 3 step concepts (Slant/Stick/Hitch/Speed Out) and 5 step concepts (Mesh, Smash, etc). There aren't nearly as many option routes by the receivers.


    1) Is the difference in the passing attacks simply high school vs. college? Would a "simplified" passing offense that doesn't have receiver option routes and defensive reads be effective against college defenses?
    2) Is there enough practice time at the college level to become proficient in the Flexbone attack while being able to learn the R&S concepts?
    3) Has Paul Johnson evolved his passing offense over time? I know ibeeballin mentioned in another thread that Tech ran Mesh and Quick Hitches when Tevin was the QB.

    I don't think any of this makes a difference currently (have to establish the run as it is the bread and butter) but I thought it would make a good discussion.
  11. zhavenor

    zhavenor Helluva Engineer


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