Feeling optimistic


Ramblin' Wreck
Two straight games we were within striking distance to close the gap late in the game or failed to seal it when we had the chance. Surely at this point we're going to catch a break. Admittedly, the only BYU game I watched was vs. UVA (which was one of the most unimpressive displays of football I've seen in a long time), but we've proven in the past our defense can play against one dimensional offenses. See Air Force, Maryland, and USC.

It'll also be interesting when we look back at the end of the year and see where Miami and Virginia Tech end up. Duke Johnson could possibly be the best running back we see all year, I'd put him up against the boys from UGA. I think you could make an argument that Virginia Tech is the best defense in the country. They've manhandled every single offense they've seen including what has turned out to be a very efficient Alabama offense. We've also got a first year starter that seems to improve every game in some facet if his game. We're still waiting on a complete game, but I have no doubt that will come.

Now that I've shared that, Pitt will roll VPI and UNC will manhandle Miami and we'll return to the ACC circle of suck.