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FBI predawn raid on Stone residence this morning

Discussion in 'The Swarm Lounge' started by GTRambler, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. LibertyTurns

    LibertyTurns Helluva Engineer

    There was one way to find out. Raid their houses at 3am and take everything in sight.

    What was done: let me bleach my hard drive, give me immunity so I can’t be prosecuted, let the statute of limitations run out
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  2. Whiskey_Clear

    Whiskey_Clear Helluva Engineer

    Even if he didn’t use any actual Russians in his liying dossier....he’s a foreign national actively engaged in election tampering. That he is a Brit gives me no warm and fuzzies and shouldn’t make anyone else feel good about it. And yes...funded by Hillary and he DNC and claiming to cite Russian intel sources.

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