Favorite Georgia Tech Tie


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Atlanta, GA
After just graduating from this fantastic institution and heading out into the real world, I'd love to get a new great tie that I can wear around work (and the airport) using the right colors (Or other combinations, just GT related) . I already have a couple, but there are so many ties I may not have seen.

Thanks for your suggestions!


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Mt Juliet, TN
I guess I took the manufacturing route with my IE degree. Consulting probably pays better with better benefits but I am a firm believer that consultants suck (no offense (y))


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Poquoson Virginia
Wow, you guys are harsh. o_O

Congrats on getting a good job.

I wear a tie for important meetings, maybe 10% of the time. I like my old gold slashes on Navy blue slashes. I think the cutesy GT's or bees or whatever are not very professional.

I'm a consultant now. There are benefits and downsides. The benefit is that I can say what I believe is the right thing to do and support it with facts. I have more time to think things through since I don't have the administrivia to take up most of my time. I define and spend my time on interesting projects. The downside is that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. And when the horse is dying of dehydration, you can only recommend IVs and not rehash why the horse has dehydration.