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Expectations and thoughts?

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Jmonty71, May 30, 2018.

  1. Jmonty71

    Jmonty71 Helluva Engineer

    What expectations do you have for the team? Or do you have any expectations?

    Do you expect that the D will be better?
    Do you expect to rush for more yardage, than last year?
    Who do you expect the starting QB to be?
    Who will take over as the #1 WR?
    Do you expect to be in a bowl game, this coming season?

    Just curious what the overall thoughts are. Please list other questions and let's talk some football.
  2. MikeJackets1967

    MikeJackets1967 Helluva Engineer

    I think both TaQuon Marshall and KirVonte Benson run for over 1000 yards and the defense will surprise people and be better. I think GT will go 9-3 and play 8-4 Texas in the Camping World Bowl in Orlando.
  3. cuttysark

    cuttysark Helluva Engineer

    Having an aggressive defense for the first time under CPJ will be a plus. While I'm not expecting the 85 Bears this season, what I really want to see is no more points given up before halftime when there are less than 90 seconds and the opponent is on their own 25 yard line.
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  4. bwelbo

    bwelbo Helluva Engineer

    KirVonte's 1053 yards in 11 games translates to 1244 yards in 13 games. But I think KirVonte Benson will have a slightly higher ypc (5.2 last year) yet finish back closer to 1,000 yards this year because Coach will have enough confidence in Jerry Howard to play him more to spell KirVonte. Jerry has a tremendous burst on the line and I think will be closer to 6 ypc.

    I also think the A-Backs will be involved more this year and TaQuon less (he had a TON of carries last year).

    Last year KirVonte had 18.5 carries per game and Jerry had 2.1. I suspect we will see more like 15 and 8. Another thing KirVonte 'benefited' from last year was we didn't pull starters very many times last year. I suspect we will see more 2s at times this year.
  5. iceeater1969

    iceeater1969 Helluva Engineer

    i will accept a few opponents scoring from 25 if we can get some pic 6, some turnovers, more punts. i hope the ratio of good to bad defensive plays increases each game.
    what would the dogs say if we put a complete game on them!

    i think the qb (who ever ) will make decisive and accurate passes that hit receivers as they are getting open. the qb that can't make plays will be removed.

    i would hope its t q m as he has a year and is a warrior.
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  6. Oakland

    Oakland Helluva Engineer

    The defense will have some up and downs this year. Expect some big GT defensive plays, but also expect some big plays from the other team. We're very inexperienced in the defensive backfield. Losing Gray hurt. I don't see our linebackers up to speed yet. Mitchell is solid, but not a game changer. Time for Jordan-Swilling to step it up. There is a couple of true freshman that might surprise us. One being JaQuez Jackson who plays linebacker. Maybe the other is defensive lineman TK Chimedza. He is a big unit.
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  7. wesgt123

    wesgt123 Helluva Engineer

    I’m HOPING TQM makes big improvements. I like his running ability a lot, but accuracy and read flaws were a huge problem last year.

    I’m positive the D will make big improvements. I feel like there will be growing pains with being a new scheme. I also predict we will start more youngsters. I feel they’re more talented and have a higher ceiling than most the seniors. But with young players comes more mistakes. I’ll take the lumps and go with the young dudes on D.
  8. JacketFromUGA

    JacketFromUGA Helluva Engineer

    I expect both TQM and Kivonte to have 1,000+ yards rushing.

    I expect the defense to create more turnovers.

    I expect to lose very very very badly in one of these games (miami, virginia tech, clemson, uga) due to the offense making mistakes and the defense getting burned.

    I expect to get 2nd in the coastal.

    I expect two players to be drafted in the next draft.
  9. Supersizethatorder-mutt

    Supersizethatorder-mutt Helluva Engineer

    Of the possible bad losses you listed, I would rather it be Clemson than any of the others.
  10. redmule

    redmule Helluva Engineer

    My expectations seldom change regardless of the coach or players. We will brain fart away one game (or at least come close to losing it). We will lose one game we should in no way lose. We will destroy somebody we are on par with talent wise. We will beat (or almost) somebody we should have no business beating. We will play well in athens, and if we lose it will probably involve some officiating nonsense.

    Candidates for the brain fart game are South Florida and Bowling Green. Candidate for losing the game we shouldn't is Miami (see last year, and the year before, and the Orwin Smith safety, etc). Louisville is the game where we destroy someone with similar talent. Clemson might be a game with the outcome in doubt until after my heart attack and the ambulance is pulling away from the stadium.

    I expect the defense to give up more big plays but also to bring more excitement and energy to the crowd and offense to offset. I expect the largest increase in rushing yards is going to go to the AB. Barring injury, I think this may be the most talent there since 2008. I expect to see Marshall and Benson as starters, but I expect to see Johnson and Howard become a tandem that gets substantial time. AB's are going to have the most receiving yards while the WR's become possession receivers.
  11. alentrekin

    alentrekin Helluva Engineer

    Read the athlon preview last night on a flight. We are favored by them in all by UGA, Clemson, Miami and Va Tech. Pitt (barely favored) and L'ville (barely dogs) are basically tossups.

    They projected 7-5 regular season with losses to those five, which seems reasonable. If we stay healthy and the D and passing game improve marginally, then we could be looking at 9 wins without a real upset. That puts us close to the Coastal with VT and Miami as season makers. Of course, our margin for error (injuries, turnover margin) will make the difference, but I am expecting a very competitive season. Sadly, UGA and Clemson still look unbeatable unless their QB controversies totally screw up their offenses.
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  12. MikeJackets1967

    MikeJackets1967 Helluva Engineer

    UGAG isn't going to be as strong as in 2017 they will miss Chubb and Michel a lot. I think they go 8-4 and 5-3 in the SEC and get crushed by 12-0 Alabama in the SECCG.
  13. Jacket in Dairyland

    Jacket in Dairyland Helluva Engineer

    No one, so far, has mentioned the OL specifically. I am holding my breath that we can stay injury free ( or nearly anyway ). IF that happens , I see 8-4 , possibly 9-3, plus a Music City Bowl game win. TQM will get most of the snaps and play well, but LJ will get some spots to show what he can do. I am not sure who , whether it is Ponchez Mason or Howard , but I think Benson will not be the starter by mid year, and that will be because the new BB is simply better. Step up receiver will be Camp . Lynch will have a monster year.
    On D, expecting much improvement. Thinking we will be much more unpredictable leading to turnovers and putting their O behind the chains. Some long plays given up , but much more good than bad.
    Kicking game will be solid.
  14. Jacket in Dairyland

    Jacket in Dairyland Helluva Engineer

    I am LOVING their overconfidence !! So predictable , just made worse by the AJC homerism. They have created a " no excuse scenario" for NOT winning the NC : $43 million budget , a " SMART " head coach , top 5 in recruiting, and more importantly, the Fulmer Cup , reflecting the " high class " SAs they recruit. What could possibly go wrong ??
    The AJC and delusional fans already have them "Sharpied " ( not penciled ) into the SEC title game , based primarily on what they did last year. IF they don't perform up to expectations , they really have left themselves no wiggle room. Could be very amusing to watch !
  15. slugboy

    slugboy Moderator Staff Member

    I think Groh's defense was aggressive, and we got LB's into the backfield. I think I remember some running past the play in the backfield. There were just other problems, like being aggressive but predictable. And not believing people had stolen his signs. (and others can be added).
    I'll be happy if it works.
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  16. jacket71

    jacket71 Jolly Good Fellow

    D will be better and create turnovers. O will be more consistent in running game and have a better passing game. We will win >/= 8 games.
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  17. iceeater1969

    iceeater1969 Helluva Engineer

    Welcome to Swarm. Like your Concise summary and prediction.
    Even if we are 1 down I think u would be happy if we get a couple of high margin acc wins?? If is +1 then its likely we have some big wins and we will all be excited.

    Nice post- i am going to use it myself
  18. Jacketman

    Jacketman Helluva Engineer

    I don't think Quon will have 1,000 yards this year. However, this will be because of 1) a better passing game and 2) more a-back touches, not a decrease in skill. I also think Benson will have around the same amount of yards. Howard will get a lot more carries this year though.
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  19. Jacketman

    Jacketman Helluva Engineer

    They will be worse than last year. But they won't lose four games to that cream puff of a schedule. No chance they lose any more than 3.
  20. MikeJackets1967

    MikeJackets1967 Helluva Engineer

    They lose to South Carolina,LSU,Auburn and Georgia Tech;) The SEC East will be a bit more competitive in 2018 UGAG wins the SEC East going 8-4 with a 5-3 SEC record and there will be a three way tie for 2nd place with 8-4 Tennessee,7-5 South Carolina and 7-5 Florida who will all have 4-4 SEC records. I feel that GT will badly trip up the Dwags on their way to the SECCG.
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