Excitement for the 2022 Season


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Hi all,

I'd like to help out one of our fellow Jacket Fans who is a little gun-shy about starting his own thread. What are you excited about and looking forward to in the coming season? What positive changes are you seeing within the program recently? @forensicbuzz perhaps you can kick us off, I know this is right up your alley.

Please no mention of skinny jeans, money down, or "schemes" that are basically the option, in this thread those are negative topics.


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Happy to start.

It's June 6, 2022, 78 years ago, our fathers and grandfathers stormed the beaches along Normandy to begin routing the German soldiers out of France and on to ending WWII.

Our team is undefeated.

in just under 100 days, the Brave and Bold will lace them up and strap them on for Toe meets Leather. Right now, our players are either healthy or continuing to recover from injury. The enthusiasm on the and around the team is building. Soon this year's freshmen and transfers will be on campus preparing for our 1st game. No team on our schedule has beaten us. We get a chance to compete in every game we play.

Our team is undefeated!

We have young kids that have been competing for the opportunity to run out on that field after the Ramblin' Wreck onto Historic Grant Field in Bobby Dodd Stadium. These kids are excited to represent. I am excited for these kids to represent.

Our team is UNDEFEATED!

We have a QB who has an electric arm and dangerous legs. He's a year older and a year wiser. He is healthy. We have a new OC who has a proven P5 track record of success. We have a HC who has said he's going to be more involved on the defensive side of the ball, and who has a proven track record of success at the P5 level.

There are a lot of questions to be answered, but as long as they battle, I will be cheering on the Brave & Bold in White and Old Gold!



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I am excited because I like GT football and I like football season. I don't like to be dissapointed in advance based on my own (or others) preconceptions until given reasons to be. Call me crazy but when I quit looking forward to FB season I willsimply move on to other things.


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I’m excited to see the back from Buffalo (McDuffie)
I’m interested to see Long’s approach to offense.
I’m interested in seeing a revamped defense.
Collins was reportedly optimistic we’d be really good before spring practice. I’d like to see the team he was optimistic about


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Lots of things I'd like to see but the only thing I could get excited about is winning. Just find a way to win.


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1) I am excited to see what a "good/better" OC can do with the talent that we have on that side of the ball.
2) I am excited to see if our OL will surprise us with their improvement this season- which will be critical for #1.
3) I am excited to see a more cohesive, focused and well prepared team that makes better mental decisions- both players and coaches.


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I'm ready to stand and cheer for the men in Gold. Not looking forward to the 6 hrs of driving each Saturday or doing that while paying $5+ gas. But it's worth it to feel the setting sun on my face, seeing other regulars in section 121 and getting pregame meal at The Varsity, Vortex or Fox Brothers. It beautiful to go all day and not worry about what other teams are doing, just focused on GT Yellow Jackets!


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Parts Unknown
I'm excited to see our OL give Sims time to find a checkdown receiver and not even think about running because he doesn't have time to look for one.

I'm making some assumptions that I can't necessarily back up but going with my gut on this one.


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Moncks Corner, South Carolina
I'm excited to see what changes are brought about by the coaching changes.
  • Looking forward to a new offensive scheme and what results it may produce.
  • Excited to see what Smith can do with some extra reps and McDuffie alongside.
  • Excited to see what our new DB coaches, structure and DBs can do. From my view last season, it wasn't about ability as much as it seemed to be confusion and lack of communication/understanding of the scheme. Hoping the new coaches focus can fix that since the communication should be more consistent under a single primary coach.
  • Excited to be a second-year season ticket holder and getting to spend some more quality time with my kids in and around Bobby Dodd.


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I'm not really all that excited but I am interested to see if there is any improvement.
Can we find an offensive side to run behind that can get at least 3 to 4 yards?
Can we protect the QB long enough to throw medium to long routes?
Can we get more than a couple of interceptions by the D?
Can we make stops when we create 3rd and long?
Just too many unknowns with the new coaches and players and no momentum created from last year to be excited.
I do look forward to the season.


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Looking forward to seeing how we compete, especially against UVA, Duke, UNC, VT, and Pitt

Very much looking forward to seeing OC Long‘s offense And maybe some passes to a TE

Also looking forward to seeing how the pressure of coaching for his life plays out with CGC, will he make changes in his approach that helps win games, or ?