Dwyer to Arizona


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Him and Andre Ellington can be a good 1-2 punch for them. Thuder and Lightning!

More like Shake-and-Bake? :cool:

Seriously though, I really hope he gets more of a shot there than he appeared to in Pittsburgh. Looked like he produced when given a chance just couldn't stay out of the doghouse. Granted he probably put himself into the doghouse but at some point you gotta let the guy get a legit shot.


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Bruce was his coach when he was first drafted to the Steelers, he'll get his shot and I expect him to flourish out there.


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I've waited for this for some time.

The "coaching staff" at Pittsburgh simply refused to look the stats in the eyes. When playing regularly, Dwyer was their best back, hands down. But, of course, their attitudes toward him were set after he came in out of shape in his first year: "He doesn't want it!" "He isn't ready to pay the price!" and all the rest of the pimply hyperbole that passes for "coaching" with those people. And Jon had to sit on the sidelines, swallowing his pride, knowing that he could make the team over if given a chance, but knowing that, as long as they thought they could win with Rothlisberger, he'd never get his shot. They didn't want a new Bettis. That really is all you have to say about that crowd of losers.

Maybe now somebody will see what they have: a back that regularly given 15 - 20 carries is a winning NFL ground game all on his own. I sure hope so.


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The one good thing for Dwyer is that he got to learn Arians system, while remaining relatively "fresh" the last three years. The mileage on his legs and body are pretty much that of a rookie, and he's taken his profession more serious. Teams look at how many carries a back has, and hopefully given more carries, he can show Arizona what he flashed at GT. I simply refuse to believe what we saw from him during his time here isn't still possible on the next level.


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I'd be so much more excited and pulling for Dwyer had he not turned on cpj after this year's bowl game. I used to keep regular tabs on him until his calling for cpj's job on Facebook.

None the less I am happy for him and wish him the best. Plus it will be good for GT recruiting if he does well.