Dream Season


Helluva Engineer
With the season less than a month away we all get a little antsy for news when things like camps and workouts are going as they should. With that in mind I'd like to know the scenario for your dream season, here's mine. Our biggest rival is that school up there in Athens and a dream season for me would definitely include them. Our Yellow Jackets and uga are both undefeated going into the COFH game. Both teams are in line for a spot in the playoffs and winning it will have rivalry and bragging right implications as big as any fan of the teams have ever seen. Of course we go on to win an all time classic game 38-35 on a walk off field goal. Next we both go on to play in and win our respective conference championship games. After the dust settles (playoff seeding and the games are played) GT and uga end up in the championship game. And unlike our first matchup we go out and dominate from the opening kickoff to our v-formation. GT 42 - uga 21. What say you guys? What'd be the scenario for you all's dream season? And here's to hoping that we all get to see these dreams become reality.