Discussion of Uga QB's along with a smattering of Clemson talk


Helluva Engineer
What exactly are you arguing?! I've already proven Bennett is more than just a game manager, and statistics show he did indeed "LEAD" UGA with respect to his side of the ball. Everything I've posted has shown Bennett didn't just "coast" on the back of his defense...and that is exactly what the QBR is telling you. Obviously you'd rather be ignorant of the data.

Arguing otherwise is just arguing for the sake of arguing. Is that what you're trying to do? IF so, have at it. My case is closed and I'm on to more productive and better things...like a good cup of coffee.

Statistics are highly not telling of anything here mate.. but you ride the pup all you want. He wasn't tested all year. He never trailed all year. When he had to actually lead his team to victory he folded. when he had to volume pass he folded. Then he got a redo in a NC game against a hampered alabama offense that was missing its top two receivers and had its running back running on a flat tire. Game Managers are not a problem Alabama won a lot of championships with them. John Parker Wilson, Aj McCarron. He wasn't leading the team. I see you tried to pivot to "leading his part" but its really easy to pile stats up against teams that can't score on your defense. He was in there because he wasn't going to make dumb decisions with the ball. But you go get your coffee.