Demetris Robertson


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Here's a name from the recruiting past:

LOTS of ability and speed, but it seems like he could never settle down anywhere and establish himself. Next school will be his 3rd stop.

Had a really good freshman year at UCLA but I think injury may have struck in year 2. Goodness, can't believe he is a 6th year senior now. Time flies!


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Yeah thats right.
Yep. After the injury, seemed like he never quite got back up to speed at uGA - and their WR room is so deep right now that even if he's good, he's not likely to get as many looks as he could at another school. My guess is he heads someplace where ideally he can be the #1 receiver for a year in order to better showcase himself for the NFL.


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I’d hope so. Seems like he’s been playing for 8 years.
Agree. His recruiting thread may be longer than any other on the Swarm. That said, I doubt Collins will pursue him unless Demetris initiates the contact. He would be an interesting addition on the field, but where is he toward a degree five years after high school and two transfers?


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Took a boot off a car. I give him a pass for that because I think those folks are lowest of the low. Just a shakedown business, IMO

It really is.

I was visiting a company for work and the owner took me out for lunch. It was a clear bribe attempt but you can't bribe a bawse from GT, amirite? :cool:

Anyway, the guy booting cars in the parking lot saw me "leave the premises without permission" and booted my car.

I was WITH the OWNER! How's that not tacit "permission, bro?

The company was embarrassed. The guy had to "call his boss" to get permission to remove the boot without charging me. It was a mess and best believe the company did NOT benefit from that occurrence when I wrote my report.

Sorry for the tangent but you clearly struck a nerve. Ha

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Such a shame that this turned out the way many of us had speculated. Berkeley was not a good cultural fit and too far away from his family. And then the enticement of playing for Georgia would pretty much be the final nail in the coffin of wasting his considerable intellectual and athletic talent.