Delay of game penalties

Atomic Jacket

The day that head coaches were given the authority to call timeouts should have been the day that the Delay of Game penalty became as rare as smallpox after the vaccine.

There is no excuse not to have a grad assistant or just some random unpaid student on the sideline, standing next to the head coach, with the sole responsibility to watch the play clock and tug on the head coach's sleeve in time to prevent a delay of game by alerting him to call a timeout.


Jolly Good Fellow
Marietta, GA
The ACC is playing with an additional Center Judge. It looks a lot like the NFL alignment. I saw several times where he would run over and hold up the snap for whatever reason. Did it for both teams. Felt like it slowed things down a bit. I believe our problem was delaying to make the check in time. Can't waste timeouts on that either...maybe one in a critical situation but sometimes you got to take the 5 and scold'em a little bit.