Days over Laskey?


We have two capable guys at BB. Probably a 1a /1b scenario. Neither are elite like Dwyer. Both can get the job done and both should get plenty of reps IMO.

The most popular guy on most teams is the backup QB. 2nd most popular is backup RB.


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Does anyone here remember the first 5 games of AA's senior season? I do. He averaged about 45 ypg and looked "very slow". Then the blocking caught up and, all of a sudden, it was 100+ ypg and Kadie bar the door. I think the main problem here is the one we always have early on: it takes awhile for the team to get back into game groove and block/read right.

I still expect Zach to get around 1000 yards this year. Only 930 to go.


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It wasn't a bad game for either BB. We just didn't have any breakouts. They definitely made priority number one not to be gutted by the dive. Wouldn't you? especially considering we were breaking in a new QB? Gotta force that newbie to make reads and execute.

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Need a more explosive player at that position imo. But sounds like I'm in the minority. I'll support Laskey 100% if he continues to start.

Might not support the coaching decision, but will support Laskey if they put him out there.
I used to think this too but after last year I decided there is something that still just hasn't clicked for Snoddy. The coaches know what they are doing.


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70 yards on 15 carries with 2 TDs isn't bad at all. There were a couple of times when JT fed the ball to Laskey then looked disappointed because Laskey was stuffed up the middle. I presumed this was because he thought he made the wrong read.

Laskey's got the significant experience from last year. Can't discount all of that after the first game of the season.

I fully expect Laskey to have a couple of long runs this season when the defense is sleeping and the safety gets his assignment wrong like we did with that 92 yd run.