Conference realignment


Helluva Engineer
Can't believe we don't have one of these yet.... the stuff isn't as crazy as it was last year but it's still flying around.

If you want a good laugh, just head to any West Virginia thread and they are absolutely bat-S**t crazy. I loved reading "the Dude".

Anyway do any of you ever realistically see the ACC losing any more members? I certainly don't but then again I really didn't think Maryland was going to leave.


Georgia Tech Fan
It's very unlikely now that a Grant of Rights is in place. Makes crazies like the WVU guy seem even more insane.


Ramblin' Wreck
Folks, this is so obvious.

GT beats U (sic) g A seven times in seven years. Tech makes a triumphant return to the SEC and plays the championship against Bama. At halftime seven trumpets sound and Bobby Dodd shall descend from heaven and drag Bear from hell and defeat his many minions.

Bama's players will fall to their knees and, repenting of their non-pursuit of higher education, leave the field to register for a real degree.

Also, I guess FSU joins the SEC for balance.