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Don't they also then want a monthly rental fee for their modem? But I believe you can buy a modem at Best Buy or other locations and not have to pay that ridiculous fee forever.
There are more catches than that. The fee to rent a gateway is $14. The fee to rent the gateway and to have unlimited data is $25. The fee for unlimited data with your own modem is $30. You only save money with your own modem if you stay under the bandwidth limit.

I signed up for Gig internet in December when it first became available at my house. I am paying $105 for the first year. $80 a month with a one year agreement and $25 for the gateway and unlimited. My house regularly goes over 1TB, and have gone over 2TB in the last 8 months.

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Where I live, like a lot of Americans, I have very few options. My last move, before cutting the chord, was dish TV. Everything I tried before that had an unsavory side either cost wise or service wise.

FireStick and a few select apps have become my best friend.