Coach Thacker just turned down the Oregeon DC Job.

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No he wasn't. They reached out to Thacker about the position with an offer in hand and he said no. So naturally they didn't submit the paperwork, aka "official offer". KQ is a scam for people that wanna pay 9 bucks a month for stuff that hardcore fans already know. Not even knocking his hustle, just knocking you if you think there's value to what he does.

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Fake News.


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I wouldn't classify her in the same position as Ken. Ken is our beat writer, he has sources and is mainly responsible for providing daily information on our program. Ken is limited by actual space in the paper so he doesn't get to write "feature pieces". Tori is an internet writer who doesn't even attend all of our games. She has the flexibility to write whatever she wants. Her writing is good, but I really liked Chris Kirschner who was originally assigned to Tech. He knew his stuff. I'll admit I wasn't thrilled that they assigned the Tech account to basically a person whose biggest experience was as an intern. Compare the Tech coverage to the UGA coverage, its no different than the AJC. That said, across all the teams I follow The Athletic is worth the price.

Correction: Mr. Sugiura does write “feature pieces” on Georgia Tech athletes and coaches, and they are published in the AJC.