Coach Paul Johnson Show 10/28/2013


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Sorry guys, I didn't forget this time but I wasn't in a position to listen to the show so couldn't do a recap.

Here's the download link for tonight:

Some notable tidbits while I've been listening to it:
  • Pitt played Navy well, one pass hit the WR and got INT by the Navy guy who ran in for a touchdown. Don't expect Pitt to change much up on defense.
  • BYU and Syracuse played differently. BYU played 3-4 defense like year before. Syracuse played more double eagle/bear 46/a lot of NFL stuff.
  • Calvin Johnson is very humble, great guy. Great role model for our guys to be around. Former Tech players come back to Tech especially in the off-season to train. Good for our players to see their work ethic.
  • GT made an NFL locker room with their Jerseys and names up so they can come back to GT and have their own locker when they work out.
  • CPJ gets a kick out of reading about teams practicing without the ball to prepare for us.
  • Starting @ 31:27 mark: Question regarding how the corners line up and how much cushion they have; CPJ said it depends on the coverage but if we could line up right in front of the guy and cover him, we would.
  • Also did not mention any specific names but he defended the cornerback position; said it isn't always one guy because sometimes there are supposed to be others guys underneath or helping deep in the post/dig and unless you knew exactly what the called coverage was it may not be as it looks.
  • Which is better: Pitt getting to play Navy before us or CPJ getting a look at how Pitt played Navy? Pitt playing Navy because there's no way to replicate the speed of it in practice so they got a game of full speed. It'll help us some but I'd rather have teams not play Navy before us. Duke played against Navy way better than they did us.
  • Pitt game key: need to take away their running game and get pressure on their QB.
  • The two big Pitt DTs reminds CPJ of VT's DTs, expects #97 to be All-American.
  • Plans 2-3 "momentum changers" per game, might not call them.
  • Attaochu pass coverage? Probably made the play on his own. Played one heckuva game at UVA. Couple of sacks, seven QB hurries.
  • Jemea played a great game too.
  • Dieke probably had best game.
  • Dressing up for Halloween? Haven't decided, might come in as a radio announcer.
  • CPJ is excited about the redshirt class, especially a couple of OL and DL guys. Thinks the coaches hasn't missed on any of them.
  • If he could have one game back, would be the VT game. Played very poorly.
  • The PI calls, sometimes we just panicked back there. There was one... (didn't say cause he didn't want to get fined). The running into the kicker was momentum killer.


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One thing I noticed about CPJ is that he may be quick to criticize his own guys but he's even quicker to defend them if they are criticized by anyone else.

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"I'm not going to single anyone out, but we got a couple OL that we're really excited about (we signed 2, Devine and Griffin) and a couple DL (we signed 3, iirc, Akins, Commissiong, and Robbins)." imo, both OL should've been 4* guys (Shamire was downgraded for some reason; Chris was the only Jr on Fl's all-state team that season), as well as Akins and Commissiong (both of whom I think were simply overlooked or undervalued because of higher profile guys that they shared the line with). I don't know as much about Robbins.