Coach Brian Gregory will not be retained as @GTMBB Coach


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From GTAA:

Gregory Will Not be Retained as @GTMBB Coach

THE FLATS – Georgia Tech director of athletics Mike Bobinski announced Friday that Brian Gregory will not be retained as head men’s basketball coach. Gregory served as head coach for five seasons, compiling an overall record of 76-86 (27-61 in the Atlantic Coast Conference).

“This was a difficult decision because of the character and integrity that Brian has demonstrated throughout his time at Georgia Tech. I have great respect for Brian as a person and for the effort he’s put forth on our behalf. He and the student-athletes under his direction have represented Georgia Tech in a first-rate manner and we’re greatly appreciative of the improvements he’s overseen in our program’s academic performance,” said Bobinski. “However, as we look to the future, we believe a change in leadership is needed for our program to achieve higher and sustained levels of competitive success.”

A search will begin immediately for a new head coach.


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Not the news I was expecting today. Not surprised, but wasn't looking for it.

Guessing Bobinski found some donors or cash, or has a coach in mind? You wouldn't do this without those lined up, right?


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I hope whoever's deciding is smart enough to be able to identify a coach that will improve the program and drive it back to a level that's competitive in late March & April. Additionally, I hope GT intends to support that coach in being successful. If not, we will have identified the true source of our problems.

Thank to CBG for his time at GT. He represented us well and I hope he can find a level to coach (or asst coach) that he's capable of being successful at.


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No idea what his contract situation is at Wichita St, but should we contact Gregg Marshall? Especially with baker and van fleet done this year.

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When we fired Hewitt, it was like VE day, the birth of a child, or opening night of Powder Blue.

This news? OK, good, let's move on.


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i love him but kind of expected this after 5 years. with a load of sr all we could get done was 21 wins and an als0 ran in the nit.

personally i would like to see them retain him in the program in some capacity until he get a job.