Coach Brent Key Scenario


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This, from The Athletic, makes some good points.

Will Brent Key be Georgia Tech’s coach in 2023? – Rick M.

Go watch his postgame interview after the UNC game. If you are athletic director J Batt, see that interview, how could you choose someone else? – Michael F.

Our Jeff Schultz definitely made a nice case for Key with this story earlier this week. Personally, I think Key could make a very good head coach one day. But I’ve been around enough former assistants turned first-time head coaches at Miami (Randy Shannon, Manny Diaz) in the past two decades to know sometimes the best move when you’re trying to change the culture is to go outside and bring in a new coach. Key, 44, is a nice story. But you have to think of the big picture at Georgia Tech. Key isn’t in Clemson. He’s in Atlanta.

You need a coach who can handle living in a city where you aren’t even the home team everyone roots for. I was sitting in the press box at Bobby Dodd Stadium two weeks ago and could spot Georgia Bulldogs logos all over the city (from the press box!) If Georgia Tech is ever going to compete for conference titles, it needs a big personality coach who can win over his town first, and then actually put up a fight against Georgia on the recruiting trail. Key could use a little seasoning at a Group of 5 program in my mind. Learn what works and what doesn’t, and then come back and coach his alma mater. But that’s just one dumb sportswriter’s opinion.
Imo, the prez and ad need to lead the gt athleics popularity war in atl