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Great interview. Excitement is back.
Coach Collins was on 680 this morning. Great interview! Talks about recruiting, filling staff (said he would name his staff after the signing day and it looks like he's bringing a lot of people from Temple), his respect for CPJ etc.

Here's the link for it:

Great interview. I think philosophically he is a great match for GT in many ways. CPJ was too in many ways. We'll see how CGC ends up in this line-up. It's gonna be exciting to find out!


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I’m a huge Johnson guy and think he was a great fit at GT. I’ll go to my grave believing if we had a GT version of Tracy Ham that our fan base would have been united under his tenure regarding the offense. I also believe Collins can get the job done albeit a completely different path. We couldn’t create two opposite guys than Johnson and Collins so to go from one to the other is going to be wild. I’m pumped in a different kind of way. I always knew we had a shot with Johnson to win a game but I also knew we’d be outmanned across the board. And I firmly believe Collins will get us higher recruited players but time will tell if it translates to wins. I’m still gun shy due to the Gailey years (lost 9-6 with Calvin).


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This was an great IV.The idea of specifically looking to try out guys from OFF to DEF (and reverse) is very INTERESTING. Flexibility is term he used. WOW-he had a tailback as a 3rd down pass rusher.I've thought about that in the past-using speed to get to QB.

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So how should I feel about bringing a bunch of Temple staff?

It seems like GT ought to be able to gather coaches better than Temple can, especially if the coach doesn't have a particular strategy that makes working with his protegees attractive. If that's true, I haven't heard Coach explain it.

If you are thinking of the version of Temple football the past 40 years, sure, it seems...bad. That said, Temple has crawled out of laughingstock into a winning team the past few years. That takes a sight more skill and coaching than maintaining a 7 or 8 win team. I think you're selling Temple coaches of the past few years short...way short.

That said, I do hope that GT gets the best DC and OC they can. An attacking defense I hope and an offense that has a nice run/pass balance. More importantly, I hope we max out any recruiting potential we have. No reason for GT to have less than four 4/5 star players each recruiting class. I know we won't get to 10 or so that UGA, Bama, ND, Clemson and others get, but no reason to be near or dead last in ACC. Should be middle of the pack, right there with UNC, NC State and Virginia and a full shade below Clemson, FSU and Miami.