CFB Parity & Conferences


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Fredericksburg, Virginia
A couple of thoughts regarding CFB "health"... would like to hear others' feelings on some of this (or add to my list):
No particular order...
1) What is better? Using 2020 as an example, it is better to have a conference (ACC & SEC specifically) with 1 dominant team guaranteeing that rep gets in the CFB playoff (as currently structured) OR have more parity like the B12. The B12 had a very competitive season in finally sorting out a champion (Oklahoma.. who DESTROYED a hapless Florida last night). We've experienced this in the Coastal division recently enough to remember... CFB playoff & a meeting with Clemson in ACCCG not withstanding... I like parity. As season progresses, it provides much more intrigue for the fan. Parity and/or an expanded playoff is a great answer. Imagine if Oklahoma (B12 champ were in the tournament. They looked like they belong last night)
2) Being a "fan" of a conference? I do not have any allegiance to any particular conference. I am a Ga Tech "fan" and LOVE the Jackets. Then I have a few other teams I like to see do well for various reasons. I don't "pull for" a conference. I have a buddy who is a HUGE SEC fan. He wants the SEC teams to win over every other opponent. I don't understand this at all. In fact... when his alma mater (an SEC team) is no longer relevant, I cannot get him to admit it, but I believe he hopes his team doesn't upset an SEC contender and screw up their opportunity to make the CFB playoff. Weird (to me). I understand the financials... if ACC does well, then Ga Tech does well. I get that... but when I sit down to watch UNC play Tennessee, I'm pulling for UT every time. I hate UNC and... well... Coach Dodd played at UT. :)