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For those of you who revel in UGA(y) losses like I do, here are a few great rants from fans:
Feel free to contribute any you find.

"UGA should have skullfricked these cocklovin hobos. Should never come down to this. Their secondary is warm horse****ee, and we didn't exploit it. We had a chance to win, but frickin Mason and Morgan screwed that up. This shouldn't have even been close. What a frickin ****eshow!"

"Gator bowl? We will be lucky to go bowling...if we can't beat ute and gt we are fricked.."

"Like you said. We are what we are. We are a 1, 2 or 3 loss team. Sometimes more. We are all the excuses like our QB, our O Line our defense and on and on. Meanwhile Alabama, LSU and even Auburn reload just about every year and they achieve greatness.

I almost feel like a **** for saying it but at least we have not had many major bust seasons. Auburn and Alabama have had some real busts over the past 20 years. We are just good but not great."

more coming...


Helluva Engineer
Mark May said it best: "Worst call for the entire season. You have the best back in the nation on first and goal on the 4, and you throw the ball. Brilliant."


Jolly Good Fellow
They're so stupid. If mason throws for a td and wins the game then he moves into the lead for heisman (of course only in their delusional eyes and minds). Yeah, they probably should have ran girly but it was only idiotic because mason didn't get it done. If I remember correctly (had a few too many by this time) it was feast or famine for ol girly boy. He was either gettin 40 yards or 1. It is just impossible for their fans to think he could have ever been stopped.... after all, he is the next Herschel