Bud Foster comments on GT Blocking


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It's pretty genius really. What better way to keep your players motivated for the game every year than to make them believe that your opponent is trying to permanently injure you? Never mind that no one has produced any evidence (statistical or otherwise) of this, but players and fans will buy this in droves to go after the "evil team". I'm sure the same thing is going on at other schools. Beamer and Foster are just more vocal.

Foster knows good and well the difference between a chop block and a cut block. He also knows what will motivate his players to keep practicing.


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I actually haven't heard Beamer complain about the "dangerous" blocking since 2009.

Looking forward to hearing it Saturday afternoon.


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Beamer and Foster probably watched our last game and just sat and laughed thinking "we've got this."


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Beamer and Foster probably watched our last game and just sat and laughed thinking "we've got this."

I am afraid you are right. If I'm VT, I look at how we struggled vs our first 3 opponents and well let's just say they aren't shaking in their boots. Let's hope they take us lightly.


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At least one Hokie gets it.

hokiebob01 says ...
Ask yourself this: If Georgia Tech was using illegal blocking now would Bud Foster stand quietly by and watch?

Of course not. It's is just a figment of your imagination. Bud and Frank would be jumping up and down.

You're still obsessing over something Paul Johnson tried for a couple of games during his first year in the ACC. The refs allowed his team to brush block and cut thinking it was legal. Frank Beamer, having served as the chairman of the NCAA rules committee, knew it wasn't so he sent tape to the ACC Director of Officials. The refs were instructed that what Georgia Tech was doing was illegal so they had to change. They did and Frank hasn't complained since that first game.

Georgia Tech and any other school that runs the option uses cut blocking. It's a perfectly legal technique. They do not get called for any more chop block penalties than any other school.
Of course he was roundly criticized by many of his hokie mates. They refused to let him use that one tooth they share on date night aka the family reunion.