Breastfeeding in Public: Thoughts?

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I think if you do it discreetly, you can breastfeed just about anywhere at anytime. Typically the people that raise a stink are these sort of 'look at me' entitled narcissists that just want to make a scene like you see in that picture.


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We have an over sexed mindset in the Western World that senualizes natural acts. If a woman wishes to nourish her child the natural way I have no problem with it at all. If we as a society can’t handle the public display of motherhood we should all rethink their our place in life.

With that said I’m just not a big fan of the public protest attention seeking way some approach things. It may also be polite to consider the local you are in. I have no idea how Mexicans view this issue but when in Mexico ........

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Honestly, if I've had no drinks, then I think breastfeeding in public is a sign of our culture's decline into coarseness.

Yet, after only like 2 drinks I would wonder why it should be limited to infants.

Conclusion: I'm a victim of our culture's decline into coarseness.


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Mom's have been breastfeeding their children in public for thousands of years. Cannot think of a single reason they should stop now.