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Be carfull what you wish for remember "Nebraska"

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by charles, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. charles

    charles Ramblin' Wreck

    Everybody needs to Remember What happened to Nebraska when they got away from the option with with Tom Osbourne and Frank Solich head coaches and experimented with the air raid and west coast passing scheme ; Yea they fired the next 2 coaches and Scott Frost whom is there new head coach which ran the option with precission has a terrible record with the newley installed passing offense; Ask any Neberasks Fan what offense they would rather see at Nebraska and it would be a run heavy option based formation
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  2. awbuzz

    awbuzz Helluva Engineer

    CPJ to Nebraska???
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  3. SteamWhistle

    SteamWhistle Helluva Engineer

    This is completely different. Nebraska was a powerhouse winning National Titles, GT has been missing bowl games.
  4. TooTall

    TooTall Helluva Engineer

    Ummmmm no.

    I could see a trade with GSU. Lunsford is a real up and comer, but needs more than 1.5 years as HC before he gets a P5 job imo.
  5. stech81

    stech81 Helluva Engineer

    Let me be the first " I don't like our new coach fired him "
  6. MidnightJacket

    MidnightJacket Jolly Good Fellow

    It's not like PJ was fired. Dude is retiring.
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  7. bwelbo

    bwelbo Helluva Engineer

    I hate carfulls - especially if its kids.
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  8. Yaller Jacket

    Yaller Jacket Helluva Engineer

    Also, the Leman Bennet story. Bennet was taking the Falcons to the playoffs every year but not advancing much after that. Admin wanted someone who could get the Falcons over the hump. Cleaned the coaching house. Immediately went from winning records and making the playoffs to below .500 and not even getting to the playoffs. It was decades before they got competitive again. IIRC.
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  9. year_of_the_swarm

    year_of_the_swarm Helluva Engineer

    This is a fantastic post... Nebraska played for a national championship in 2001, and in Frank Solich's final season won 10 games, and he was fired. They tried to implement "modern" offenses and it has tanked their program. Frank Solich has gone on to become the best coach in Ohio history, and is racking up a bunch of offensive numbers doing it.

    I think Tech needs to stick with a coach who runs this system, but a more modern version of it. They are certainly out there.
  10. ibeattetris

    ibeattetris Helluva Engineer

    Nebraska just went 4-8 in the BAD B1G division. They already had fans who wanted CPJ, if they have 3-4 more years similar to this year, I wouldn't be surprised if they gauged his interest at least.
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  11. stech81

    stech81 Helluva Engineer

    Not saying he was fired and not saying he is retiring
  12. year_of_the_swarm

    year_of_the_swarm Helluva Engineer

    Nebraska didn't run what CPJ/Monken do... if Nebraska is going to go back to their old system they would hire Troy Calhoun from Air Force.
  13. MountainBuzzMan

    MountainBuzzMan Helluva Engineer

    looks more and more like pushed out
  14. takethepoints

    takethepoints Helluva Engineer

    I could live with the I-Bone they ran at Nebraska. Others probably wouldn't.
  15. GTL

    GTL Helluva Engineer

    Yeah, and the Clampets also dumped highly paid linemen to increase their bottom line. It was overall piss poor football management.
  16. Supersizethatorder-mutt

    Supersizethatorder-mutt Helluva Engineer

  17. ibeattetris

    ibeattetris Helluva Engineer

    There is no source for false statements.
  18. lv20gt

    lv20gt Helluva Engineer

    We are .500 the last 4 years. In Osborne's last 4 years they won 3 national titles and went a combined 49-2. There is a mountain of difference between Johnson and Osborne . Solich is a better comparison but even then there is a reason fans looked at Solich as having a program on the decline for legitimate reasons. The fact is every coaching change is a risk to some degree. It was a risk when we fired Gailey. That worked out. It was a risk when UGA fired Richt, and the arguments I'm hearing now were pretty much all said then. It's worked out for them.

    The coaching change might work out well. It might work out terribly. It might work out okay and we are in the same mire around 7 wins a year we have been under both Johnson and Gailey. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, and we weren't going forward with Johnson at the helm anymore. At one point it looked like we were but at best we have stalled under him. A change was need. Risk going backwards for the potential reward of moving forwards.
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  19. stech81

    stech81 Helluva Engineer

    I understand what you are saying , and I know I may the only one thinking like this but coaching at Tech is more than just wins and I think he did a great job at other things.
  20. 33jacket

    33jacket Helluva Engineer

    No one wished for anything. He wasn’t fired. He wasn’t forced out. This isn’t a Nebraska situation or UT. He is retiring. Taking a break

    Gt doesn’t have a karma issue like they did
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