Auburn figured out FSU's playcall signals


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Interesting article forwarded to me by @heeled soul this morning:

Apparently Auburn was able to figure out FSU's playcalls during the championship game.
Scout said:
“They had a couple of our signals a couple times and were getting to them,” Fisher explained. “That happens, people do it, and that's our fault. You've got to change them, constantly rotate them, being able to get them in different ways. That's part of the game. I don't have a problem with that.”

This became a bit of a national story for the first week after the game, as different media outlets discussed the implications of Auburn’s success stealing signals and what kind of impact it had on the game.
Scout said:
There is no debating the difference in production before and after the towels came out. In the words of Tomahawk Nation’s Bud Elliot, “After Benjamin shouts that, Florida State runs 30 plays for 229 yards. Its yards-per-play increased by about 75-percent, more commensurate with the highest scoring offense in college football history.”