Attendance Down Significantly (AJC)


Helluva Engineer
Should have never built the Wardlaw building in the South End Zone. The old horseshoe structure in the South was both historic to some of our best years and architecturally appealing! The College of Architecture should be ashamed that the North End Zone tower of steel was built to regain the seats lost to bizarre brick monstrosity that looms behind the scoreboard! My 2 cents…
Thanks for info on stadium build history.

I think the seats in upper North Have fantastic view of field and downtown atl ( night).

It would be a lot better if it had comfortable seats.


Helluva Engineer
This is, as others have mentioned, a nation-wide problem. Getting kids to attend games is more difficult these days, even if the product on the field is terrific. Why put up with the bother if you can watch the games on tv? Some stadiums are always full, off course, but they are actually few and far between. This will have pretty bad repercussions on fan bases in the future, imho. Sports with smaller arenas - basketball, baseball - don't have the same problems for obvious reasons.

Or, put short, no reason to get all hepped up about national trends we probably can't do much about.