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Anyone else just really happy?

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by gtg771r, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. gtg771r

    gtg771r Ramblin' Wreck

    Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic, you now have your Dabo....
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  2. 85Escape

    85Escape Helluva Engineer

    And the other half needs to grow up and quit trying to spread divisiveness. Jeesh guys, give it a break. Can we get downvotes on here?

    I'm happy we have a new coach, really hope that he can be successful in leading our squad, and look forward to all the positive speculation about the changes. I'm very thankful for CPJ's leadership, still impressed with the general effectiveness of that offense's ROT (Return on Talent), and hope him the best in his year off.
  3. JacketGirl

    JacketGirl Helluva Engineer

    Yes, I’m happy. But I also think it’s okay to simultaneously appreciate Johnson for his time on the Flats as well as be excited about Collins. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.
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  4. MikeJackets1967

    MikeJackets1967 Helluva Engineer

    The last Georgia Tech head coach with Geoff Collins personality was Pepper Rodgers

    MWBATL Helluva Engineer

    Couldn't agree more strongly. Well said @JacketGirl !

    Personally, I really, really appreciate how CPJ handled many aspects of his tenure at GT. In particular, contrast how he chose to leave with how a certain ex-basketball coach at GT chose to leave...forcing our hand to pay his enormous buy-out and leaving us strapped financially for years to come. CPJ was classy enough not to do that. And classy enough to manage his departure in a way that will help GT transition this year's recruiting.

    I also was blown away by Collins' press conference. I love his enthusiasm and his energy. I am already rooting for him.
  6. ATL1

    ATL1 Helluva Engineer

  7. bwelbo

    bwelbo Helluva Engineer

    Agree violently on all aspects. I couldn’t be more impressed so far. I love all that he represents, which we haven’t had here in a long time. And I totally love and respect CPJ and already miss him.
  8. GTonTop88

    GTonTop88 Helluva Engineer

    The people who aren’t happy need to give him a chance. Show some excitement and be the the glass half full guy.

    Kirby went like 7-6 or 8-5 his first year and a lot of the Richt fans were saying I told you so but now those same people are beating the drum for Kirby now. Then you always gonna have that 1% that you can’t please no matter what.

    That excitement helps build programs. Kentucky has been a doormat for 40 years but their fans have been loud and proud and I see them on an upward trajectory.

    We need to do the same.
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  9. LibertyTurns

    LibertyTurns Helluva Engineer

    It’s really sad that some can’t be a fan of our Teams thru thick and thin. How many tweets, etc did we have to see from our players basically saying “C’mon man, root for us instead of attacking us”? The fact that people dismiss the negative impact on recruiting that our negative fanbase has is amazing.

    Think of it from other’s perspectives: Hey go to GT, you’re not as good as the guy across the line but we’re going to coach you up to overachieve. You’re going to study hard unlike the guy across the line. And yeah when you mess up we’re going to tell you that you weren’t really good enough to begin with, we tried to coach you up and you were too lazy or untalented to make it and you basically lost the game for us. Lastly somehow with your pitiful self that has no real talent you manage to outperform dozens of teams with far superior talent, yet we’re going to denigrate your accomplishment because the other team was really ****ty that year & if you played a real schedule you’d have been at the bottom of the crap pile where you really belonged.

    That’s a awesome situation to put our coaches in.

    I hope you don’t turn on the new coach as fast as you turned on the last one. Actually, I’m not sure that’s even possible because some of you did that before he even moved into his office.
  10. wvGT11

    wvGT11 Helluva Engineer

    I can't seem to figure out what the negative ones want for us and are living in some sort of alternative reality about what kind of coach we can get.
    Give this guy a chance and expect year one or two will be meh
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  11. MeatWrench

    MeatWrench Jolly Good Fellow

    The classy way in which CPJ left and the timing he chose to do so can not be understated. Choosing to retire instead of being fired also helps keep down divisions in the fanbase at least to the extent that a new hire HAD to be made and continuing as before was not an option. Defense still middling under a new coach. Already facing a transition at QB. A pretty veteran O-line which is still good as these are guys who have been in a D1 strength and conditioning program for a few years now. They are still athletes, I think too much is made of the scheme switch at times. We will see.

    Agreed on Collins. He smoked that presser. It all seemed very genuine. Dream job or smoke screen for the next big opportunity? I truly hope we get to find out.
  12. 4shotB

    4shotB Helluva Engineer

    I don't understand why anybody wouldn't be. All the prospective coaches had question marks - we simply can't afford the two or three names in college FB that would be universally supported and welcomed here (at least on day one). So, why the angst and the need to borrow trouble? All of us in the "happy" camp are aware of the risk but are willing to support and beelieve until we have been given evidence to the contrary.

    If you are unhappy, I am curious - were/are you emotionally attached to one of the other rumored candidates that had as many if not more question marks around them? That seems illogical and emotional. Or were you wedded to a system and wanted a TO coach to replace Paul?
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  13. wesgt123

    wesgt123 Helluva Engineer

    Yes I’m still drunk from the kool aid. I honestly was blown away by his answers. Nothing I expected at all. I realize results on the field must be shown, but none of his presser seemed fake or hackey. I’m excited to see what happens with our program, with recruiting, and how it will affect gameday atmosphere. Let’s gooo
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  14. GTJoeBrew

    GTJoeBrew Helluva Engineer

    I was very upset when CPJ announced his retirement. My family and I were completely blindsided. I also know how unlucky we are with coaching changes. I must say though, I was fired up when I started to hear about CGC. I loved every second of the press conference and can’t wait to hear more about him. We will be at the spring game screaming for the boys in gold and white! Also would love to learn more about his analytical approach to coaching.
  15. gtg936g

    gtg936g Helluva Engineer

    Let me first say that I like the hire, and I think he will recruit as well as anyone can at GT. I don’t want to throw cold water on Geoff, I just hope he isn’t writing checks his a$$ can’t cash with all the NFL talk. He is going to have to field an offense that can win a shootout. There is no way around that if you truly want to compete and be elite. Offenses like CPJ’s, Leach’s, Dabo’s, Kirby’s are going to score points on great defenses, so his strategy needs to be guns blazing on all sides. If he can have the defensive/ST success here that he had elsewhere and put together a good offense, he can have the success he spoke of.

    At the end of the day it is an experiment a large part of the fanbase have been asking for and needs to happen. Either CPJ was correct and you aren’t going to fill GT with the talent of Bama/Clemson regardless of how hard you recruit, or Geoff is correct and you can. We will see. I have heard a lot of good speeches in my time, so I approach them with a bit of skepticism. As CPJ said, show me don’t tell me. We are going to see how it goes.
  16. JackFan

    JackFan Georgia Tech Fan

    Honestly, if you’re going to ***** and moan about moving in a different direction with the culture of GT football, it is probably time for you to go away and start following a service academy school. Nothing wrong with that. CGC will get plenty of sidewalk fans and returning fans that went away during Chan and PJ to fill in the gaps.
  17. AUFC

    AUFC Helluva Engineer

    I’m optimistic about our program and future for the first time in a long time. Ready to rematch Clemson in the ACC Championship game every year.
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  18. buzzed

    buzzed Helluva Engineer

    His referring to GT has his “dream job” is refreshing on the surface, but his used car salesman personality makes me wonder if he means that. Some of you might not have liked what CPJ had to say some of the time, but you always knew he meant every word. I liked having an old-school X and O coach while everyone else went recruiter first, coach second with their HC, but I guess we’re going to be part of that trend now. I hope he is successful, but I’m more concerned with winning games than winning a press conference. Collins is clearly the Anti-CPJ in so many ways. We’ll see how it turns out. Don’t be surprised when his BFFs in the local media turn on him after a few 6 win seasons. It doesn’t matter how much our coach kisses ***, they will always pander to the dog fans. If he strings together a few 10 win seasons, don’t be surprised when he realizes FSU or somewhere else that supports football was actually his dream job all along.

    I’m curious to see what kind of staff he puts together. That will be one indicator that he and GT might be able to elevate the program, but will we suddenly start paying what it takes to attract the best coordinators? I hope GT does start doing what needs to be done and Collins is a great Success at GT and we build another statue. I’m not sure what “NFL style” means. Clearly no more triple option, but there is such a variety to systems that are now run at the NFL and college level, we’ll have to see what that really means. If we’re successful doing what everyone else is doing, that will be a first in my 22+ years as a Tech fan. I sat in my seats at Bobby Dodd and watched what Chan’s offense did with Calvin Johnson, Tashard Choice, and a good defense. If you’re too young to remember, it sucked. Collins is not Chan, and I see no reason not to give him a chance. I’m not excited by the hire at this point, but give the off season hype machine about 8 months to work.
  19. GTRambler

    GTRambler Helluva Engineer

    LOL. It’s definitely a sugar high for many GT folks on this board right now.

    And we don’t even know who is on his GT coaching staff yet.
  20. Heisman1215

    Heisman1215 Helluva Engineer

    PJ offense could not score on great defenses.

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