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Interview Antonio Simmons

Discussion in 'GT Swarm Articles, Interviews & Photos' started by Eric, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    Recently I caught up with the talented GT Commit Antonio Simmons.

    Q: What schools have you heard from since you committed to GT?

    A: FAU and USF.

    Q: Your commitment to GT is still solid?

    A: Yes I love GT there's nothing or anybody can make me change my mind I can't wait to be a Yellow Jacket.

    Q: What made you decide on Tech?

    A: I love the coaches, players, school and student section. I will have a opportunity to play my freshmen year and make plays on the defense.

    Q: What do you feel you add to the team?

    A: Intensity, pass rush , hard work, high energy trying to be freshman all team or acc team! Just trying to be the best defensive end I can be for my team and out them in the best position to win.

    Q: I know you had a ton of sacks this year, how many did you finish with?

    A: 33 I was first in the state and second in the nation.

    Q: Who is recruiting you from GT and what do you like about them?

    A: Just coach Owens! What I like about coach Owens is he a great inspirational person. He sends me letters with quotes and encouragement words all the time. They make me feel at home when I go up there.

    Q: Current size?

    A: 6"4 210

    Q: What things are you working of before you get to Tech?

    A: Getting faster, quicker feet, stronger, technique, moves, everything.

    Q: When is your OV and what do you look forward to?

    A: January 18, I am looking forward to seeing the whole campus and bonding time with the coaches and players
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  2. GTonTop88

    GTonTop88 Helluva Engineer

    33 sacks wow!! Would be nice to see him put on about 30-40 lbs ASAP
  3. bat_082994

    bat_082994 Helluva Engineer

    I'd also like to see him get a little bigger while losing as little athleticism as possible (preferably keeping it all)
  4. dressedcheeseside

    dressedcheeseside Helluva Engineer

    My guess is he's all speed and quickness at that weight, no bull rush? How is he against the run?
  5. JazzyD95

    JazzyD95 Helluva Engineer

    You can still bull rush at any weight. I played D end in high school and was around that size. Bull rush isjust as much about leverage and explosiveness as it is brute strength
  6. augustabuzz

    augustabuzz Helluva Engineer

  7. ATL1

    ATL1 Helluva Engineer

    He needs to add like 40lbs. 210 is lean for a hooper.
    Can't knock that kind of production.
  8. DSGB

    DSGB Ramblin' Wreck

    Does he have the frame to add weight? Could he be similar to Hargrove who blew up when he got here?

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