ACC to play 10-game conference-only schedule for the 2020 season.


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If you throw in non-conference games during the season that takes away the on the fly scheduling advantage. Schultz tweeted yesterday that the mutt game wouldn't necessarily be out even if the conferences go to a conference only schedule.

Play 10 games before Thanksgiving and the in-state rivalry games would still be possible either Thanksgiving week or in early December. It wouldn't affect the ACC's ability to move games or even replay games between teams if a team has to pull out in the middle of the season. Also, playing a non-conference rivalry game after the ACC season wouldn't be as big of an issue if the non-conference team didn't follow the same protocols as the ACC.

The ACC hasn't actually made an announcement as far as I know. If things are changed to a conference only schedule, I don't see the schedule being slightly modified to add two more games. I see the schedules completely starting over. I doubt GT-Syracuse would be on the new schedule.

Read the title of the thread you’re posting in. :LOL:


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Read the title of the thread you’re posting in. :LOL:

It is based on a report from McMurphy who says he expects the ACC to follow the Big 10 in having a conference only schedule. The ACC still hasn't announced anything. The title of the thread is not an announcement from the ACC.


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Conferences can make their own uniform plan to control testing, quarantining, and other regulations. If you allow OOC games you can’t guarantee those teams are following the same safety measures. It’s more that than the travel. Relieves a LOT of headaches of trying to make an FBS-wide plan (which clearly wasn’t happening). Schedule being a big part of that.

That’s aside from the fact that fewer games is inherently safer.

Also bargaining power with TV and sponsors. They need as much under their control as possible in order to put the conference in the best position possible. Can't try to honor old contracts that no longer make financial sense if there is a valid (act of God) out to them. It is also about buying time. Delaying, eliminating a bye week, pushing back championship game a week, etc. are options to safely execute the plan and work out the financials.

Really, non P5 and FCS schools are getting boned hard. Their whole athletic department revenue may depend on big OOC matchups. We'll probably see a number of them fold altogether at least for a time.


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Big10 move is sobering
“Just trying to keep the lights on,” said one ACC athletic director. “‘Trying’ is the key word.”
“We just want to get the season started and see where it goes,” said an SEC athletic director.
the sport is carved up into fiefdoms. Now everyone is sticking with their own and hoping to make it as long as they can to cash as many checks as possible.


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If the ACC goes to ten conference games, ND is in a bind. Swofford said ND would likely be in the mix. Note, "likely" is not equivalent to "will" or "shall" in contract law.

Assuming the ACC follows the B1G and schedules ten conference games for each team, that means we could have a ten week season that ends in time for the schools that plan to have finals before Thanksgiving. If these kids are truly student-athletes, those finals are critical. If ND is added to the mix, bye weeks are required to accommodate the odd number of teams and the scheduling gets really complicated.

As it is, ND has six games against ACC opponents. It looks like they could lose, in addition to Wisconsin, the games with Stanford and USC from the PAC-12, Arkansas from the SEC, Navy from the AAC, and maybe W. Michigan. It's a complicated mix since the SEC might wait a long time before announcing its 2020 plans (hoping to get a full season). If the ACC is switching to a conference only schedule, ND needs make some changes quickly and let the Swofford know what they are going to do. I do not see how the ACC can play six games against the Irish and and drop the Florida-FSU, Tech-uga, and Clemson-USCe games. From a PR stand point, that is very foolish. Keeping the six already scheduled games and not adding ND to the ten game conference schedule is even more problematic.

This could get very interesting in the next few weeks (maybe days).