ACC Title should have been for CFP ACC Underrated

Peter Patsis

Georgia Tech Fan
The ACC title game should have been for winner a spot in the College Football playoff's not just for FSU if they win.

Of all the 2 loss teams before the start of the games today GT was the worse rated 2 loss team only above missouri. Why? Because the ACC gets no respect compared to the SEC. I even would suspect that if Auburn beats Alabama that a 3 loss Auburn team will rank higher than a 2 loss Tech Team. Why is a 3 loss team ahead of us. Why is Mich State 10 given a cream puff schedule and lsoing there 2 biggest challanges in the season against OSU and get crushed by Oregon. Not even playing Minn or Wisonsin. OPr, UCLA barely beating Virginia. Or Kansas State losing to every ranked team they played minus Oklahoma who they only beat by 1.

But why. Because the ACC gets no respect and is underrated. They are considered the weakest of the Power 5 but a look of the numbers doesn't suggest it.

The ACC is now

4-1 vs the SEC
2-0 vs the Big-12
1-1 vs The Pac 10
1-3 vs Big 10

However the one loss to a PAC-10 tem was UCLA over Virginia but by only 8 points, and of which UCLA was
in the upper echelon of the Pac 10 and Virginia bottom of ACC.

Versus the Big 10 the losses were Maryland beating Syracuse, Maryland middle of the conf. Syracuse bottom. Pitt losing to Iowa. Pitt bottom/middle of the conf and Iowa middle of the pack and Pitt losing by just 4. Nebraska beating Miami, Nebraska top of the conf and Miami bottom/middle. VT beating Ohio State of which Ohio State may be a CFP team.

So, we are 8-5 against the Power 5. 4-1 against the supposed giant that is the SEC.

So, why are we not in the middle of 2 loss teams or better and we should have been ranked at least 11-12 before the Georgia game especially since 1 of our losses was a last drive loss and a close Duke game who were ranked at the time. After the Georgia game we should have been 6-7 ranked after the Georgia game. However, I do not think we will break the top 10 or might not even be 10th

Well all is not lost because who would have thought that we were one loss by 5 points, last second away from playing FSU for a ACC title and chance for a CFP spot.

It gives hope that even with the limitations that we have as a program compared to the factory football programs that don't have our challenges (academics, etc. ) we can and will compete for a CFP spot in the future which this year gives me hope.


Georgia Tech Fan
I think our ranking was pretty reasonable going into the Georgia game. We hadn't played anyone good in non-conference yet, and we'd missed the strongest team out of the ACC (Florida State) as well as maybe the 3rd strongest in Louisville. We just hadn't been tested yet. However, the Georgia game was huge in that they were the toughest opponent we'd faced all season and we proved that we can beat a top-caliber team. I'd expect us to rise a lot off of that victory and to rise even further if we beat the Noles this week.


Georgia Tech Fan
Had we not lost to either duke or unc (1 loss) we would've likely been in top 10 pre uga and with a win over uga and fsu wouldve maybe had a shot if higher teams lost but still wouldn't pass Alabama, Oregon, Ohio state, tcu. Had we won both those games we'd be in- imagine an undefeated fsu gt ACCCG with both of us top 5.... Man! Anyway, the win over uga in the soul killing fashion in which we won is a great consolation !!