Aaron Donald - Pitt DT


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Yea he is an absolute monster, and has a very high endurance level. I'm sure Pitt has a forum talking about Attachou also. He couldn't be stopped either.


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Was a one-man option wrecking crew. He was pretty much their entire success against us. It was his athleticism - quickness, speed, balance in the run game and his strength to toss aside a blocker against the pass. We actually could run straight at him successfully, but he disallowed CPJ to do anything "cute". Anytime we pulled a blocker, he avoided the block back and got in the guy's hip pocket and it always led him to the play. That took away all of our efforts at counter option stuff. When we ran option away from him, he was athletic enough to avoid the scoop block and chase the QB down from the back side - made Vad's life miserable. I liked it better when we just ran the option at him or ran the dive away from him, just straight up drive blocking him. Seemed to me CPJ wasn't patient enough this game and wanted to use some other stuff to create some big plays. VT game was similar - we had some success against them running dive straight at their big DT's. Our OL are good, strong and fast guys that can really blow people off the ball, even good DT's. That's why CPJ and all of us were high on the OL at the start of the year. It's the cuter stuff where problems have shown up (and Chamberlain getting beat).

I think this should provide some good experience and insight for the games against UGA and Clemson coming up. Let's put it on the OL to run right at these big DT's and get 3-6 ypc, maybe mix in some midline and toss sweep. Do it, don't throw a pass, until they have to adjust and then get more creative. Let's show these big uglies that we have some big uglies who are good enough to shove it down their throats. I know part of helping our guys be successful at that is keeping the defense guessing what's about to come at them, so it's a fine line, but I think if you're going to err, err on the side of putting it on our guys shoulders straight up rather than letting a "cute" play backfire and get us behind schedule when we're playing defenses like that. If our guys aren't good enough, so be it. I haven't seen that to be the case. Even last year against Ugag our guys were blowing their big bodies off the ball and reestablishing the LOS. Oh.... AND DON'T FUMBLE!!!