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404 Branding

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by vespinaeGT, May 16, 2019.

  1. vespinaeGT

    vespinaeGT Ramblin' Wreck

    I had a random thought the other day about getting the 404 thing going more city-wide. I wonder if Atlanta United or the Falcons or the Hawks would ever do a crossover apparel thing like the Braves do with their dual logo hats. It would be really cool for all the Atlanta sports to embrace the 404 thing collectively.
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  2. DH9387

    DH9387 Helluva Engineer

    I am not sure if ATL UTD would be down for the crossover thing that the Braves are doing (although I believe CGC is working on something), but they have most certainly copied the 404 shtick:

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  3. LibertyTurns

    LibertyTurns Helluva Engineer

    Butt ugly colors
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  4. Gold1

    Gold1 Helluva Engineer

    Red is terrible
  5. MidtownJacket

    MidtownJacket Helluva Engineer

    Still salty that the hawks and ATL United have the red and black combo
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  6. D-man44

    D-man44 Helluva Engineer

    Mark Teixeira is at the braves game and was just interviewed wearing the Waffle House GT 404 hat
  7. buzz_wiser©

    buzz_wiser© Helluva Engineer

  8. GTballer21

    GTballer21 Helluva Engineer

    Tom Glavine is an ***
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  9. Bennett

    Bennett Helluva Engineer

    Him and Smoltz are both ***holes. Both of them have always been to cool for school. This is coming from a lifelong Braves fan
  10. The Doddfather

    The Doddfather Helluva Engineer

    Heresy I tell you! Didn’t get to hear what Glav may have said tonight, but both those guys are class acts, at least from a professional standpoint which I think most of us know them from. What makes you dislike them so much?

    Smoltz is probably one of the more likeable guys in sports to me, outside of Kuch and Freddie Freeman. Glav sometimes comes across as a know it all, but if I had 300 wins I’d feel the right to speak my mind too. Again, not sure what you’re referring to in this instance tonight. What did he say?
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  11. GTballer21

    GTballer21 Helluva Engineer

    He told Teixeira his “Tech education did not pay off” or something of that sort and basically told him he he was stupid. I think it caught Teixeira off guard because he didn’t really respond.

    I’m a lifelong Braves fan too but have always thought Glavine was a douche.. especially since he was one of the leaders of the strike.. and the situation when he shook hands with the Braves and then signed with the Mets because the union would be mad that he took our deal.

    Smoltzie is my favorite pitcher of that era and he seems to be the most likeable of the big 3
  12. GCdaJuiceMan

    GCdaJuiceMan Helluva Engineer


    Ehhh, that was an informal jab. I was tuned in as well.

    Full disclosure - Tex was giving Glav a hard time saying all he had to do as a pitcher was throw once every 5 days, so the other days, all he did was play golf and eat at fancy restaurants (Sounds pretty nice). Glav responded saying that his degree from Tech didn't pay off because Tex very well could have done the same thing.

    It was fun seeing them two, Francoeur and Byrd converse.
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  13. Bogey404

    Bogey404 Helluva Engineer

    Geez, it was just friendly banter probably among 2 great players. Mark's comeback was yep, he wasn't smart enough to lay his bat down in hs so he only had to pitch every 5 days and spend rest of time playing golf and going to steak dinners.

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  14. gtrower

    gtrower Helluva Engineer

    Tex is such a great ambassador. He and Roddy are making us proud.
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  15. GT_EE78

    GT_EE78 Helluva Engineer

    I'm hoping that CGC will tone down the really cheesy stuff after he becomes more established, luckily these millenials that we're recruiting don't seem to have realized yet that "everyone" has an area code.
  16. 85Escape

    85Escape Helluva Engineer

    LOL. Everyone has a <ahem> too, but some are nicer than others. I'm pretty proud of mine but they won't let me put it on a hat.
  17. GTballer21

    GTballer21 Helluva Engineer

    It wasn’t what he said that irked me it was that he wouldn’t just go along with the joke or let it go. He kept going on about it until they cut away. Seems like he can’t take a joke.
  18. Adadu

    Adadu Helluva Engineer


    It's called a joke? May have come across poorly but cmon man
  19. GTballer21

    GTballer21 Helluva Engineer

    Like I said, it wasn’t what he said.. it’s that HE couldn’t take a joke. This situation is not the reason I think he’s a douche, I couldn’t care less what he said.
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  20. Bennett

    Bennett Helluva Engineer

    Listen to him announce. He's always been arrogant and acts like he's better than everyone else

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