247's Freshman Breakout stars

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This is the same **** that used to piss me off when we’d have kickers like Wells who never missed a kick not get even honorable mention for kickers in the all-conference awards...and folks like Clinton Lynch with more yards than others who got all-conference awards not get one himself. You know, let’s just go win a game and **** these 🤡


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The system is rigged to favor the factories. It always has been and it's stupid little things like this that continue to help perpetuate the nonsense.


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Total Offense:
Tank Bigbsy - 303 yards - 75.8 yards/Game
Gibbs - 299 yards - 74.8 yards/Game

Total Scoring:
Bigsby - 1 TD - 1.75 points/game
Gibbs - 5 TDs - 7.5 points/game

Yeah, pretty hard to argue that Gibbs shouldn't be on that list especially given that Bigsby is.
Gibbs has 299 yds rushing and 169 passing for a total of 468 yds. That’s 177 yds/game.