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2019 Roster

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Whiskey_Clear, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. Whiskey_Clear

    Whiskey_Clear Banned

    Recent discussions about 2019 have involved how much talent the new staff has to work with coming in compared to prior staffs.

    So how good or how bad do you think it is?

    I for one think we have a lot more depth across the board than we did entering 2008. I think we have more guys with good athleticism top to bottom.

    But 2008 had a lot of All conf type guys. Guys that did make it to the next level and succeed. No arguing that and CPJ greatly benefited from those guys.

    How many next level potential guys do we have heading into 2019? I think more than some will agree with. So here is my list of guys with the most potential in my eyes. And this in no way means I don’t think those I don’t mention have no shot. These are just my takes and I may accidentally forget some guys that deserve mention also.

    Braun, Cooper, Hansen, Tre Swilling, Harvin, Adams, Juanyeh, Carpenter, and Kaleb Oliver.

    Slightly longer shots but could also get looks -Campbell, Cotrell, Benson, Mason.

    Lots of other guys could make it with the proper work ethic and improvement. We have a bunch of youth we haven’t seen play much yet. That makes mentioning them off what we have seen kinda silly.

    Others might shine with position changes. Something about BJS running with the ball in his hands just sets him apart in my eyes. Even with our plethora of backs I think he just might stand out.

    So I see 9 guys with legit potential to make it. Some are upperclassmen. Some are not. All will have to avoid major injuries especially as their college careers come to a close.
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  2. Jacketman1

    Jacketman1 Helluva Engineer

    2008 had so many VERY talented guys on it. Basically entire D line, Morgan Burnett and Butler, Nesbitt, Dwyer, Demaryious. Comparing that to this team, 2008 had more talent. We do have some talent, absolutely, but we need more difference makers. Our best teams had true difference makers at the key positions on D, QB, WR, and RB. That's what it takes. Not sure how many we haave right now, but we have a few. We're going to get more, no doubt.

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