2013 Signee Review - Chris Griffin


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Signee - Chris Griffin

Position - OL

Offers - Georgia Tech, Clemson, FAU, FIU, Kentucky, Lousiville, Maryland, Mississippi St, South Carolina, USF, UCF and Vanderbilt

Committed - 6/13/12


Looking Back - Chris Griffin landed offers from Georgia Tech, Clemson, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, etc early on..so he decided he was going to visit all those schools in one week...His first stop was Georgia Tech and that ended up being his only stop. He fell in love with then campus and the school when he visited. Chris also developed a great relationship with Coach McCollum and that was a big reason Georgia Tech was able to hold onto him. Chris played for Wakulla HS (Florida) and they are a option team ala Georgia Tech. So Chris has a lot of experience in the option blocking scheme which is a good thing going forward. Chris really blew up his Senior year...by the end of the year Vandy and James Franklin were calling him every single day. Other major BCS schools like Clemson, South Carolina, etc also never gave up. Chris said he felt like Coach McCollum was part of his family.

Looking Ahead - To be honest Chris is my top signee in the 2013 class. I have said it many times but I honestly believe if you could build a tackle for the option offense it would basically be a clone of Chris Griffin. He is 6'6 275 and moves around great for a tackale. He is able to get to the second level well...Chris will have to get a little stronger up top but that will come with time in a college weight room. I have really high expectations for Chris and I think he will be the best lineman Coach Johnson has signed since he has been at Georgia Tech