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The number of times our coach has used the phrase "the greatest transformation in college football history...."

I kid, I kid..... :)


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122 is what number this team is. We started our football program in 1892 and took 5 years off for WW2.

Tennessee does something similar, I’m sure most college football programs do.

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Yes but it really 121 not sure when he looked one may be last week

Seems like we were averaging something like 18 points a game going into last week's game. We must do better on offense but I have no idea how to go about it. Seems they have tried everything but it does not look like the offense is going to be any more productive here on out. I really feel kind of sorry for defensive coordinators, coaches, and players because it seems like every rule is geared to helping the offenses who already have the best athletes. It is just ridiculous that there are tight ends now who run about as well as wide receivers did a generation ago and wide receivers who approach the size of tight ends a generation ago. When you combine that with quarterbacks who can thread a needle and put a pass where only their guy has a shot at it... No wonder games sometimes seem to approach video game levels. You can no longer win just with defense and sound kicking like back in the day. Poor Chan would be absolutely bamboozled at the current state of affairs.