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  1. gt13

    Team is getting SWOLE

    This S&C program getting 4-5 years to work with all the 6’5”+ OL/DL we are bringing in is going to be very interesting Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Which QB finishes against Clemson

    Graham will leave the game after his first drive in the 3rd quarter once the game is essentially over, but CGC will send him back in to kneel it out at the end as a reward.
  3. gt13

    The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    GT just sent out an email to all students regarding plans for Fall 2020. They plan to have students on campus and offer hybrid in person/online classes, labs, etc. Here is what they said about athletics “The Georgia Tech Athletic Association is researching and working on a plan for a...
  4. gt13

    Breaking News!! Artificial Turf

    Grant Field was turf for 20+ years from the 70s to the early 90s, so it should still be "Grant Field" after the change. Some of my thoughts: The new adjustable LED stadium lighting combined with this new turf (which I imagine is much easier to paint) should allow the groundscrew/AA to get...
  5. gt13

    2020 Offseason Thread

    USG announced today that all summer classes will be delivered remotely as well. I assume this includes GT. Per AJC: "May and summer semester instruction will be delivered remotely with limited exceptions. USG institutions will return to normal operations for fall semester assuming health...
  6. gt13

    2020 Offseason Thread

    Lol year 1 CGC and Dino Babers? C'mon man
  7. gt13

    Ga Southern

    If bats dont show up we may be in trouble
  8. gt13

    Player most excited about seeing

    Year 2 Graham and Ahmarean, and Year 3 Mason For new guys, Gibbs
  9. gt13

    Pitching Rotation and Starting Lineup for Opening Games

    CDH mentioned we would need to manufacture runs more this year than we have in the past. I seem to recall bunting like 10x/game a season or two ago
  10. gt13

    Pitching Rotation and Starting Lineup for Opening Games

    Not a ton of power in that lineup. Don't know much about Compton, Jenkins, Holland though, and they're playing 3 positions where you typically generate some of your power from.
  11. gt13

    Early playing time

    I think most of the OL have a shot, also Gibbs. Sims/Gleason should compete with Yates for QB2, not sure I see either overtaking Year 2 Graham as a freshman
  12. gt13

    Future Opponents: Bama and Ga State

    CGC is putting the basis of his entire recruiting philosophy and program branding on the line vs GSU. Must win, but shouldn't be too big of an ask. Roster will be loaded in 2024 and should be mostly GT fans at both games. However, GSU does have a lot of alumni if they decided they wanted to show...
  13. gt13

    James Graham 2019 Season Highlights

    He does a great job running underneath the ball, and he's got such great speed that he can burn most DBs. Equally impressive is the chemistry between him and Graham - on several throws (Clemson TD, Pitt TD come to mind) Graham bombs it over the safety's head and Graham zips around him and makes...
  14. gt13

    James Graham 2019 Season Highlights

    Showed some flashes, I think people forget he was a freshman playing behind, statistically, the worst OL in FBS. He's got the arm strength, the speed, and the athleticism to succeed. Good news is the rest can be coached and will grow with experience
  15. gt13

    13 Georgia Players Now Out

    Tonight's game is going to look an awful lot like last year's game vs Texas. Only one team wants to be there.
  16. gt13

    Quarterback for next year

    With the amount of running our QBs did this year (Oliver excepted) I think Gleason is more than mobile enough for Patenaude. I expect Graham will make some big strides this offseason now that he has almost a year of starting experience and I think he will be the guy starting the beginning of...
  17. gt13

    The Coming Super Conference

    If this does happen, I hope tech does not go the semi pro route. Theres a reason I watch college football but not the NFL - a semi-pro league will eventually be a minor league NFL team and then what's the point? You have two professional football teams in your city instead of one? The reason I...
  18. gt13

    2019 Football Video: Victory over NC State

    Love the headlights shining through the dark. Awesome aesthetic. How cool would it be if we killed the lights during a night game ride-out and the headlights were all you could see driving onto the field?
  19. gt13

    Does anyone know what the uniform will be next game?

    Looking like Gold helmet with gold GT and navy facemask, white jersey (with navy numbers is my guess), gold pants
  20. gt13

    North Carolina vs. Georgia Tech Predictions #UNCvsGT

    Saw on the UNC 247 site that they're having a rough week of practice - apparently hung over after the Clemson loss. I think this GT team is a lot closer to a breakthrough than people realize. Couple bad bounces on Saturday put the temple game out of reach but a small number of plays/calls...