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  1. Sean311

    The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    Ya don’t worry guys the virus will be gone in the spring I promise! Actually you know what let’s go ahead and cancel all sports for eternity that will slow the spread!
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    #GTCamp20 Coverage

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    James Graham??

    Thanks bro
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    James Graham??

    Anyone find it interesting that they haven’t posted one thing about JG in any of the social media posts lately? Is he planning to transfer or opt out?
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    2020 ACC Football Season Update

    This is awesome news and an insane schedule lol. Go ahead and throw UGA in there. We have one of the hardest schedules in the country now.
  6. Sean311

    ACC to play 10-game conference-only schedule for the 2020 season.

    They need to make an exception for in state rivalries. That would be ridiculous to not play in state non conference opponents but be able to play out of state in conference opponents...
  7. Sean311

    The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    NCAA votes to allow players back on campus starting June 1st
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    Tyler Davis Drafted

    This is why tape and pro days are important. Tyler Davis’s whole body of work is NFL caliber.
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    So you're saying there's a chance...

    Lol I hope they put this in everyone’s locker. Boston College???? Boston College?! Smh
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    Spring Game

    True but I feel like we are just at the tip of the iceberg
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    Spring Game

    I love how Michigan and OSU are canceling their spring game when you know damn well they aren’t going to cancel the season opener when the virus could possibly be even more widespread.
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    Jaz Lee - potential breakout

    Auto ban
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    GT Football: The Buzz

    Episode 1
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    Alcohol Sales Pilot Program

    This is glorious
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    Spring Practice Thread

    Things to note: - Quinney was 265 this time last year he is now 305 - CDP says Jeff Sims is very athletic and loves to watch film - Tucker Gleason rolled his ankle jogging down the field so he was limited today. Very competitive kid and loves to watch film as well -CDP says the young guys are...
  18. Sean311

    Spring Practice Thread

    For all you Tuck Gleason fans out ya go