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  1. It's a girl!

    Eric is out of office for a little while, busy celebrating the birth of our little girl :)
  2. NFL Draft

    Perfect fit for 49ers.
  3. NFL Draft

    No. Mauldin couldn't even get into USCe...I don't know how in the hell Louisville got him in..
  4. NFL Draft

    Yeah, GT fans never really talk much about that miss so I just kinda don't bring it up haha.
  5. NFL Draft

    Indeed. I was working at Rivals then and remember talking to him a few times. Groh made the choice to pass on him during his OV...
  6. NFL Draft

    If you wanna play that game then here is this - Trey Flowers flipped from GT to Arkansas - Alvin "Bud" Dupree took a OV to Georgia Tech in late January and wanted to come here bad...Al Groh didn't like him and passed on him. Didn't get a offer during his OV and left on Saturday and went to...
  7. NFL Draft

    Trey Flowers...who @Techster mentioned above. Yeah, Tre Jackson also flipped from us. CPJ does have a good eye.
  8. NFL Draft

    Oh yeah, and don't forget Boykin. Now that's a WR makeover.
  9. NFL Draft

    Not for what we need... I actually was kinda mulling over Nelson Agholor for that spot if DJ was gone...but Nelson was off the board earlier than I expected. Second round is big for us. Really the rest of the draft is...have to hit on OT and WR picks.
  10. NFL Draft

    Clemmings isn't worth the pick IMO. I wouldn't draft him high at all. Can find someone better in the 2nd.
  11. NFL Draft

    I really wanted DJ Humphries...I like his upside and our biggest need is OT Need OT, CB and WR. LB wasn't a big need... I like Shaq though...think he will be a solid player and the Panthers LB corp is going to be really good. Don't think Shaq is a elite player but will be a solid starter. I...
  12. NFL Draft

    Was thinking the same thing watching his film.
  13. NFL Draft

    Well, its about that time.
  14. Football Q&A thread

    I disagree that we are becoming like other Georgia Tech websites. If we only posted info about Georgia Tech football then we might as well shut down during the off-season...and honestly what makes a forum is a lot of active members. It would be impossible to break every thread down like...
  15. B Back Transfer - Patrick Skov

    Its official from our end.
  16. Rants and moderation discussion

    I never said he didn't...I'm just saying going forward. No thread needed like that...we're just not going to turn every thread into a bash BG thread.
  17. Rants and moderation discussion

    It's fine to be negative...I'm very negative toward Gregory and I think he's in over his head...but at least present some points and try to be rationale and not just troll threads and turn all of them into a fire Gregory thread...if you can't do that then just stay away from threads. It does no...
  18. NFL Draft

    I still think Smelter gets drafted.
  19. NFL Draft

    Starts tomorrow night. Hope we see a few Jackets called sometime this week.
  20. 2015 jerseys

    Yeah, one recruit told me he chose a SEC school over us due to jerseys.