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  1. Connell62

    Cory Alexander

    I didn’t mind Cory so much in the past, but he can eat a bag of _______. In the span of five game minutes, he has managed to downplay our five game winning streak (games we should have won) and campaign against Moses for POY. Hey Cory - FU!!
  2. Connell62

    Cremins' Recruiting Discussion

    You've got a hellva memory then because that was damn near 20 years ago.
  3. Connell62

    Swarm Makeover

    Forgive me if another thread was already posted, but I didn't see anything addressing the new look and feel. Nice job.. It looks good.
  4. Connell62

    The Scheme (HBO)

    Has anyone watched the documentary on HBO Sports regarding the Christian Dawkins /college basketball scandal? I thought it was rather entertaining. It feels like this kid got a raw deal. I'll be careful what I say as I don't want to spoil it for anyone that hasn't watched, but if that case...
  5. Connell62

    GT / Louisville

    I'm sure that this will be an unpopular opinion, but I think that we have a good shot at an upset tonight. The Cards like to play through the post, and we have the size to match-up. I doubt that we catch them sleeping after the scare we put into them at their place, but if we can keep Nwora in...
  6. Connell62

    Catch Ya'll Later

    Just wanted to take a moment and say my goodbye's to those of you I have had good interactions with here. This will likely be my final post on this site. Apparently, I upset one of moderators with my post last night which I find to be completely ridiculous and just soft. If I am going to get...
  7. AUFC

    Georgia Tech Men's Basketball - 2019-'20 Season Membership Renewal

    Wow I didn't realize how enormous my Young Alumni discount was. Drops my ticket prices down from $560 to $200. I didn't see anything on there about relocation...will try and call my rep before renewals begin. Wouldn't mind sliding down as many rows as I can without getting stuck right behind...
  8. Connell62

    Where would we be with Okogie this year?

    I've said many times that I felt like this year's team would be a definite tourney team with Josh O on the roster, but what would our season look like? Maybe I'm a little too-much glass half-full, but I think that we would easily be top 3-4 in the league right now. Out of conference would been...
  9. Connell62

    2018-19 Preseason Thread

    Thought I’d create a new thread to shift focus toward the upcoming hoops season. I posted this on a different site and paste here to get the discussion going... I think that we have potential to be a solid team IF everyone meets their potential. We should be a much better 3pt shooting team this...
  10. Connell62

    Tues. (12/19) - UGAG

    GT opens + 4. Smaller than I thought it would be. If Tadric is able to play, we have a good shot. I expect a physical contest and it's gonna be very important for us to attempt and make a high # of free-throws.
  11. Connell62

    Wofford - Tonight (12/6)

    Hold on tight... This one is going to be a tough one. Vegas Line = GT -4 Quick scenarios: - If we don't show up ready to play or come out without energy, don't be surprised to see us take an L. - If we play with the same level of effort as Sunday night, we should get a hard fought road...
  12. Connell62

    GT vs. Tennessee Tickets Available - Sunday, December 3rd @ 6:00

    Unfortunately, I've got a prior engagement on Sunday evening and will be unable to make the Tennessee game. Rather than posting them on StubHub and have orange in my seats, I'd prefer that they go to a GT fan. Details: 2 Tickets in Section 104, Row 12 Aisle Seats - Face value per ticket =...
  13. Connell62

    GT vs. Northwestern Preview Thread

    @ChasonBaller ...feel free to bring some fire on the preview like you did the two previous games. Just speaking personally, but I thought they were good stuff. Honestly, I know very little about NW other than their coach is a former Dookie, and they return a number of players from last years...
  14. Connell62


    We're a 3.5 point underdog to Ohio on our home court. Whew..that's a tough pill to swallow, but I think that we can win it. Need our best defensive effort of the year, and improved work on the boards. Looking forward to attending! Go Jackets!!
  15. Connell62

    Whose It Gonna Be?

    Since just about every name under the sun mentioned in conjunction with the coaching search has been discussed ad nauseum here (and elsewhere), I thought I would take a poll to see who the majority of GT Swarm Hoop Heads wanted as the next coach. No wrong answers here.. just curious to see...
  16. Connell62

    Virginia Tech - 1/16

    The Yellow Jackets are back home at McCamish Pavilion, and the VT Hokies come calling on Saturday at noon. Crucial game for us as we attempt to stay in the thick of things within the conference. Don't have the time to post a breakdown of VT, but this is one that hopefully we can right the ship...
  17. Connell62

    Notre Dame - 1/13

    Huge swing game against the Fighting Irish tomorrow night. If we can pull out the road win, we will return home with a chance to get above .500 on Saturday. Not many thought this game would have as much significance a week ago. Both teams currently sitting at 1-2 in the conference: ND: Win...
  18. Connell62

    VCU Game - What to Expect?

    Arguably the biggest game of the year for us to date. Early line is GT - 1, so Vegas is expecting it to come down to the wire. IMO, this is a game that we are very capable of winning, and it should provide a good litmus test. Honestly, I will be disappointed if we lose this game. This are...
  19. Connell62

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to you all. We don't always agree, but I'm thankful for being able to discuss something we all love. Don't eat too much turkey or watch too much football/basketball. Oh, and Go Jackets!!