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  1. Jamie Foxx at GT

    Both sides were pretty much attacking. One side posted some soapbox insult about how they're above consuming and can't understand why a kid would be excited that one of their favorite actors was on campus. I think we were all at that age once where it was exciting to go to concerts or movies (or...
  2. Coaching Carousel 6 - You can't make everyone happy. You are not bacon.

    Sorry, was a bad attempt at a DRad joke.
  3. Coaching Carousel 6 - You can't make everyone happy. You are not bacon.

    It's possible Pastner or Swartz follows recruiting more closely, but I doubt it.
  4. Article for consideration

    It's even more annoying to have your own emails to them ignored. I'm not a huge donor, but between season tix and donations hit about $7k. Sent an email with some constructive advice about that 'Calendar Year Gift Summary` they send at the end of every year. It is neither a tax letter (includes...
  5. Spring Game Ticket Distribution

    How many do you need?
  6. Here's a COVID thread for you

    I think his rhetorical point is that we shouldn't be closing schools if covid isn't bad enough to accept a vaccine with a 1 in 7 million death chance. The fact that the CDC and FDA are recommending a halt to a vaccine with way better outcomes than covid is pretty eye opening.
  7. NCAA's Treatment of Women

    Who can resist a good That's What She Said?
  8. Favorite Commercials of all Time

    This one was pretty good.
  9. Ryan Johnson needs to...

  10. Krispy Kreme on Ponce

    I think that development trend is called a Live, Work, Diabetus.
  11. Tier 9: Yikes

    Hot Take: As the Hive started dying, those nincompoops came over here. The uniform colors can't be anything but Gold and White, no offenses but the option because we can't compete without being different, no piped in music, traffic is bad, east stands are too hot, don't cheapen my degree, how...
  12. 2021 season tix

    Or that you need to answer calls from unknown numbers. For some reason, the GTAA never leaves voicemails.
  13. Jalen camp entering draft

    Which will occur first. COVID-19 ends or people stop yelling 'Yes, sirrrrrrrr'?
  14. 2023 Chick-fil-A Kickoff vs. Louisville

    True, but since GT fans won't give the revenue we gotta get it from somewhere.
  15. Off Season Priorities

    An apt comparison could be Gary Barnett at Northwestern. They were worse than us when he took over but had a similar need to turn the roster over. Frank Beamer had 2 losing seasons, then 2 mediocre seasons, then 2 more losing seasons before being successful.
  16. Officiating

    I was a few beers in, but I thought maybe they were looking to see if he ran out of bounds before the catch.