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  1. GT Man

    to thosi who ask whether PJ cares about COFH...

    I think he does
  2. GT Man

    now guys, let's be civil about this...

    Just kidding. I intend to rub this victory in the face of every white trash POS I meet who roots for that overrated sec team from athens. The only thing that would make it complete is if the earth opened up and swallowed the mutts' stadium.
  3. GT Man


    In the spirit of Thanksgiving, just wanted to say THANK YOU to Eric, my fellow posters here, and everyone else who makes this site what it is. This is without a doubt the best GT forum on the internet. If any players are reading, thank you for such an amazing season! TO HELL WITH GEORGIA!!!!!!!!!!
  4. GT Man

    FSU wants none of this... "Duke. That GT offense is rolling right now, and it is a pain even when it isn't rolling."
  5. GT Man

    Message to Miami

  6. GT Man

    Chart showing recruiting success vs on-field success Find the team from Athens. LoL!
  7. GT Man

    Game plan for duh U

    What would you guys do on both sides of the ball vs Miami? On offense, I think this is a good one to bring out the no-huddle. I think Miami's defense is talented but no necessarily disciplined. Duke seemed to have some success running it right up the middle. I feel like Laskey's gonna have a...
  8. GT Man

    A Word To The Negative...

    You aren't helpful. You aren't welcome. This GT team is playing football until the final second of the game. DAMN PROUD of this Tech team! Only positivity going forward. Our Jackets believe, do you?
  9. GT Man

    to any Tech players reading this message board...

    I can't wait to see what you do to the turkeys. I hope you carve then up like it's early Thanksgiving. I'll be glued to my TV tomorrow at noon, beer in hand, decked out in gold, cheering you guys on while my wife shakes her head at me. What I'm saying is, I believe in this year's team and the...
  10. GT Man

    Butthurt Mutt Fans

    For those of you who revel in UGA(y) losses like I do, here are a few great rants from fans: Feel free to contribute any you find. "UGA should have skullfricked these cocklovin hobos. Should never come down to this. Their secondary is warm horse****ee, and we didn't exploit it. We had a chance...
  11. GT Man

    New Trophy for CFB...

    revealed at 10am CT today (July 14)
  12. GT Man

    Forbes Article on Stanford's Rise to Football Prominence

    May be old news to some of you, but I found this article pretty insightful. Some things that stood out to me:
  13. GT Man

    ESPN trollin GT fans I guess GT, who has never finished past 2nd in the coastal, isn't worth mentioning in this poll...