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  1. #GTCamp20 Coverage

    As much as I’d like 3k yards, 25+ tds in 21-22, keep in mind our QB starter is likely to be a sophomore that year. Only 5 sophomores were able to achieve 3k yards last year and only 4 did both 3k and 25+. 3 Feshman pulled off those stats. If we can get to 2500+ and 20+ tds by 21-22 season, I’d...
  2. James Graham??

    Yes, Gleason had a rough senior season. Apparently he had a worse performing offensive line than tech had last year. I’m keeping his senior year in mind but not forgetting his junior year: 2001 yds passing, 27 TDs, 9 Ints. 59.3% 1097 yds rushing, 13 TDs
  3. James Graham??

    The sample size is definitely small and I doubt the competition is over. It would have been nice to see a spring game. The only comment I heard from the limited spring was sims tended to hold the ball too long, and Tucker seemed to be more decisive in his reads. I can’t imagine how difficult it...
  4. James Graham??

    You aren’t the only one saying it. I just heard someone else say the same thing about an hour ago.
  5. 2020 ACC Football Season Update

    Taking UCF and Gardner Webb out of the equation as we had assumed those would not be played, I think our ACC schedule is a little easier than it was. UNC and VT were often picked first and second in the coastal this year. I’d put them slightly ahead of FSU and Louisville. We beat NC State last...
  6. Team is getting SWOLE

    Wow! Never would have guessed he could run a 4.4 40.
  7. Team is getting SWOLE

    CLC gives me a lot of confidence in our strength and conditioning. Players seem to be motivated by his leadership style. I even noticed Nyland Green retweeting some of his videos recently. Don’t think we have a shot at him but he’s still following CLC.
  8. Which QB finishes against Clemson

    I’ve always been high on Gleason but the shortened spring hurts him and Sims. I’m definitely no scout of talent but I thought Gleason was ahead of Sims as a passer, but graham and Yates have an edge on experience and are more used to the speed of the game.
  9. Which QB finishes against Clemson

    I’m going to hope we keep it competitive and the starter finishes the game. That would mean good things for our season. Now I think JG and Yates have the best shots at starting.
  10. 3 Georgia Tech athletes have tested positive for COVID-19.

    Where as I agree that that the risk is super low for 18-22 year olds who are healthy without underlying conditions, a school or program would be irresponsible to intentionally get their players sick at this time so they can return to full contact practice. I highly doubt the Clemson super fan is...
  11. Freshman Arrival

    Good point. Was he at spring practice? I suspect a few people who have nagging injuries or are graduating may choose not to play with Covid.
  12. Improved OL

    You can pick out most of the freshman as they are in the back. Wing green is way in the back and Williams is leaning against the bricks. Ryan Spiers is middle back and it looks like Paula is back right. I think I can pick out Maye, Johnson, Quinney, and I think Camp is in the photo. A few I...
  13. Improved OL

    It’s hard to look at yardages from last year because we had some really bad games with some 4th quarter garbage points/yardages. We were definitely more competitive during the second half of the season (Miami, Pitt, UVA, and NC State) with a couple bad losses sprinkled in between. The UGA game...
  14. Improved OL

    I’m expecting significant improvement on the OL. We have upgraded three position along the line and 4 seniors should be starting. The second year under Brent key and new system should help as well. There should be far more space for our RB’s to operate and less DL making contact with our RBs in...
  15. ESPN: Bill Connelly's ACC Coastal season preview

    I think the most telling thing about that chart is how close O’Leary had us to being relevant on the national stage during the joe Hamilton years. We couldn’t quite sustain the improvement and get over the hump but it’s possible.
  16. All Time GT Team

    Calvin definitely could have done more with his talent with a different supporting cast but he’s still the all time leader in receiving yards and receiving TDs. Drew Hill played in a different era so I won’t compare his stats but Kelly and Dez played in a similar era to Calvin. Dez didn’t see...
  17. Projected Starting Lineup

    When he first transferred I thought he was big enough to bulk up and play LB. From what I can tell he is still playing safety which is a tough spot to start for tech right now.
  18. 2020 Offseason Thread

    I agree we typically maintained one good receiver like bebe, hill, smelter, but we weren’t deep. My perception may be more due to the offense than the talent level though. I do think we will be deeper at that position than we have been for a while. I know when I was in school it was nice lining...
  19. All Time GT Team

    Good Point. He probably would have won a Heisman if it weren’t for WWII. Another guy who wasn’t at tech long but who I enjoyed watching in the pros was Dorsey Levens.
  20. Projected Starting Lineup

    unfortunately I think true offensive line depth where we aren’t counting on freshman for backups is a few years away. I think our starting O-line this year will have 4 seniors with a chance for several freshman backups or people who weren't good enough to crack the top 5 last year. I think we...